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NOVEMBER 14, 2013

AMAZING THINGS ARE HAPPENING - Learning Targets and Essential Questions

A learning target is a twist on writing an objective. The biggest difference between the two is that a learning target is worded for students in student friendly language and an objective is usually written for teachers. A learning target is a specific way to identify what students will be learning, how they'll be learning, and how they will demonstrate it. without focusing on naming the task. Providing a learning target for students, provides them with expectations and direction to their destination. It is a lesson-sized goal, provided in chunks, necessary to meet the longer term goal, also known as the essential question. The essential question is the all encompassing focus and includes the basis of the assessment. The online figure shares examples of questions to consider when planning for a learning target www.ascd.org/ASCD/pdf/books/el_201103_brookhart_figure1.pdf.

It is important to consider the learning target and essential question as the focus for not only the students and what they're learning, but also as a tool for teachers. Teachers can use the essential question to backwards plan their learning targets. These should also guide questioning throughout a lesson, checks for understanding, possible formative measures, and reflection or closure for each lesson.

NP3 has different ways of demonstrating these. Teachers work hard to word targets in student-friendly language and to open and close a lesson with these. Targets and essential questions are visible in a class for frequent reference - it's another opportunity to communicate learning expectations and to make connections with the bigger picture. The more connections students can make with their learning, the more it will resonate and move to their long term memory. Way to go NP3!

The video below is an example of how to use your learning target to plan your questioning during a lesson.

NP3 Announcements Mateys!

For Teachers Only:

  • Save the date! Staff Holiday Party Saturday Dec 7th at 3pm at David’s-RSVP to your Sunshine Rep by Friday the 15th please!
  • On Leave! Jen Rickards is on leave and Teresa Dawson is now in Outlook and has her email set up.
  • WASC! Anzelc and Edwards will be ON SITE this Friday working on WASC
  • NP3 Website! Don't forget to check out the student blog and share with your advisees! It can be found on the "beyond the classroom" tab
  • AIC! AIC's are scheduled for Nov. 20th
  • Tutoring! HS KAP students are tutoring in the HWC on Wednesdays. If you want to refer a student you must contact parent and email Nancy
  • Door Decorating! Student Leadership is having a Winter themed, judging will happen DURING ENRICHMENT/INTERVENTION Friday Dec 6th.
  • Parent Night! Missio is hosting a workshop for our parents on Dec 7th 6-8pm. Flyer to go out soon.

Share with Advisees:

  • Blog Contest-The winner of the most creative holiday story will win a gift card AND have their story posted on our NP3 blog! Story must be given to Snelling no later than Dec 13th-500 words or less.
  • Game night is cancelled for this Friday-will be rescheduled for a later date.
  • Cultural Day Rally-this Friday at lunch!!!!!
  • KCRA Kids Can Canned Food Drive 10/24-11/15-winners get a pizza party
  • Jamba Juice Sales-Friday Nov 22 @ Lunch to help fund raise for 6th Science Camp
  • 7th grade DC/NYC Parent Night @ 6pm Nov 20th-GYM
  • Tuesday Nov 12th remind intervention students of a room change - SIPPS group will be going to Cassidy and 6th language arts intervention will be going to Dawson (J Rickards' room).
  • Door Decorating-Student Leadership is having a Winter themed, judging will happen DURING ENRICHMENT/INTERVENTION Friday Dec 6th. Winner gets a pizza party.