Violence Torn Nigeria

Faith Robinson

Boko Haram Nightmare

In 2013, more than 400 people were brutally murdered, and countless others were declared ominously "Missing". Thousands more were made homeless and most lived in constant fear. An Islamic group by the name of Boko Haram was the cause of all the distress and murders. Over the years, they have killed over 5,000 people. They seek to control Nigeria, and impose a harsh ruling over the people, also controlling the country's rich oil deposit. They target government officials, churches, schools, and anyone who outwardly opposes them. They have burned over 300 schools, killed over 400 kids, and taking away education for more than 10,000 children. For example, 42 teachers and students were massacred in just the month of July, 2014. The people live in fear for their lives.

Civilian Joint Task Force

The government of Nigeria rallied the people, and formed the CJTF, or Civilian Joint Task Force. The group was made up of young men, and they formed a militia to defend and protect the people. They became the new target for Boko Haram, and many have been tortured and brutally murdered by them. In one month, 24 men were murdered, and 30 others declared the title of "Missing," unfortunately meaning they are most likely dead. In addition, the majority of the government's army members turned and joined Boko Haram much to everyone's distress. Those people still remaining in Nigeria's police and armed forces are corrupt, and often bully the people into giving them money. The people have also tried to find hope in America, but the American government officials are currently unwilling to help.
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