Drug and Alcohol Abuse

By: Alexander Felix

Substance Abuse Among Americans

Americans, comprising only 4 % of the world’s population, consume 2/3 of the world’s illegal drugs. The number of illegal drug users, which had dropped from a high of 25.4 million in 1979 to a quarter century low of 12 million in 1992, rose to 20.4 million in 2006. The number of teen illegal drug users, which had dropped from its 1979 high of 3.3 million to a low of 1.1 million in 1992, more than doubled to 2.5 million in 2006.

Who Does What

All the huffing and puffing in the current war on drugs has not been able to blow down the nation’s house of substance abuse and addiction:

  • 61 million Americans are hooked on cigarettes
  • 16 to 20 million are addicted to alcohol or abuse it regularly
  • More than 15 million abuse prescription drugs
  • 15 million smoke marijuana
  • 2.4 million use cocaine; 600,000 use crack
  • Hundreds of thousands are hooked on heroin
  • More than 750,000 are methamphetamine users
  • 1 million use ecstasy and hallucinogens
  • Almost 2 million of our children have used steroids
  • 4.5 million teens abuse controlled prescription drugs like OxyContin, Ritalin, and Adderall to get high
Your Brain on Drugs: Alcohol
The above video explains how the human brain reacts to when it has had alcohol enter into the human body and how it make the man/woman act

The below video explains what it person goes through that will get them to get addicted on drugs and abuse it. It also explains what it is needed to help drug abuser to get healthy again instead of not doing anything.


Poem about drug addiction

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