5 Themes of Geography

By Jason Grimm


Montauk is located on the very tip of Long Island New York. Montauk is a part of East Hampton for some political purposes much as Lakeway is part of Austin. In resent years Montauk has become a very popular place to be in the summer months much like the rest of the Hamptons.

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Montauk has many breathing taking views and archaeological wonders such as the Montauk Lighthouse. The Montauk Lighthouse was actually constructed by George Washington in the late 1790s. Montauk also has many famous beaches and motels such as Gin Beach and the Memory Motel that the Rolling Stones Wrote a song about. As for the people of Montauk it really depends on the season. In the winter months its very empty as the locals are either at home or fishing. in the summer people from all over the east coast come to swim and have bonfires on the beach.

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Human-Environment Interaction

Montauk has come a long way from being home of The Montauketts in the 1600s. In the 1700s Deep Hollow ranch was developed in Montauk. Or you could call it the first cattle ranch in the USA. Montauk slowly developed not as a town, but a top secret base in WWII. The old Montauk air base was disguised as a normal town for enemy planes flying over, but was secretly a US air base equipped with a radar tower and two giant cannons. During the 70s it was said that the government was doing experiments on people and brainwashing them to do as they wished. The air base is now shut down and Montauk is opening up new coffee and bagel shops every year (Not as cool).

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Every summer schools of the Czech Republic rent out The Montauk Motel for students for a trip to America. Many people from Europe come to Montauk to work at many of its sandwich shops and seaside restaurants. As I've said a lot of people come from the east coast to vacation in Montauk. Many musicians and actors have houses in Montauk such as Roger Waters and Billy Joel.

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Montauk is known for is crumbling cliffs and beautiful beaches. Ditch plains as seen below is where all the beach bums and surfers go to relax and have fun. Gin beach is a more child friendly beach with smaller waves and awesome restaurants nearby. Montauk also has its fair share of lakes such as one thats stretches from one side of town to the other. Montauk has a very forgiving climate that resolves in very soft grass and damp soil unlike Austins dry everything.

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