Chase Budach

How can obesity have an effect on sports?

  • Sports are seen as one of the key things to fighting obesity. But the problem with that is that there is kids that do not like the sports that the school or community offers and brings to you. There are many sports that kids could be in and play such as football, cross country, wrestling, basketball, track, tennis, baseball, softball, marching band. The activity doesn’t have to be associated with the school either like some kids be in fencing, boxing, or even play a simple game of disc golf, they could even do laser tag that is always a fun workout for kids. So in my eyes I think that kids should be doing at least one physical activity besides P.E. so I think they should either have to do a sport in school or even something physically challenging outside of school like even something like playing laser tag and I have not met one person that doesn’t like laser tag. So to graduate you should have to show your work in some form of way to a physical education teacher by that I mean they should have to take a video or have a teacher watch them do it. The benefit of these kids doing this is because it will look good on their application for college. kids can save their family a whole bunch of money and they will be happy that they got a scholarship and they will not have to spend enough money. Playing sports and being in these kind of activities will also make it much easier to get hired at a job because it will look awesome on your application. So overall it would be beneficial for both your school and you because it will help your future and it will make you be involved and try new things.