Lindsey Vonn

A Olympic Alpine Skier

Who Is Lindsey Vonn?

Lindsey Vonn was born on October 18, 1984. She is a World Cup alpine skier.

She has more World Cups then any other American Skier and lindsey is the only Active skier with more than 50 wins.

When did she start skiing?

Lindsey started skiing at the age of 3 , her brother tought her and was a ski racer when he was a kid. Her first ski coach was Erich Sailer who is a well known Austria ski coach.

Who also coach Lindsey father when he was a kid. Her family started noticing how good she really is so the whole family moved to Vail, Colorado just for her skiing and they thought Colorado have bigger hills to ski on which they do!

She attended ski club in Vail and its a well known winter sport school also she started competitions at the age of 14 and Her coach took her to Europe for challenge.

She can ski 85 miles (137km) per hour thats faster then some cars go on highways well when they’re not in traffic.

Not on the slopes?

When she not skiing she workouts because thats very important even when she's on her jet she does push-ups on the floor!

When she gets a chance she spends time with her family and friends. her hobby are biking, playing tennis and reading.

Her Family

She has 5 siblings counting her she is the oldest. She has two younger sisters who are Laura and Karin also she has two younger brothers who are Dylan and Reed. Also did you know that Laura , Reed and Dylan are Triplets!

She is married to Thomas Vonn who is a also a Olympic skier and they met at the Olympics.

They became very good friends and got married. They got on married on September 29, 2007.

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