Endangered Animals of North America

American Condor (Gymnogyps Californianus)

Description About the American Condors

  • Body 3.5-4.5ft(1.1-1.4m)(NG)
  • Wing span 9-10ft(2.7-3m)(NG)
  • 18 to 31lbs.(8-14kg.)(NG)
  • Largest flying bird in America(VENT)

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Food Chains and Adaptations

  • Carnivores/Scavenger Animals(NG)
  • Condors feast on large mammals(DOW)
  • Disabled to fly from eating much(NG)
  • Consume carrion(dead animals)(DOW)


  • Condors brought in captivity 1987(NG)
  • Roamed around North America 10,000 years ago(VENT)
  • Caves as shelter avoid predators(VENT)
  • Rockyshrubland and oak savannas(VENT)

Reasons for Endangerment and How to Protect from Extinction

  • Poison Injesting(NG)
  • Illegal Egg Collecting(NG)
  • Loss of Habitat(NG)
  • Shooting(VENT)
  • Near extinction with around 20 left 1970s(DOW)
  • All Condors captured for captive breeding(NG)
  • Low density of human(NG)
American Condor spreads its wings, spins to reveal both sides