Bill Gates

by Minnie Suram

Who is Bill Gates?

Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft Corporation. He held an interest for computer programming since the age of 13. While studying at Harvard, Bill and his friend Paul Allen came up with a version of BASIC (programming language) on the first microcomputer, the MITS Altair. Bill also wrote a book called, Business @ the Speed of Thought. This book explains how computer technology can solve business problems in new ways.

History of His Life

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington as William Henry Gates III. William H. Gates Sr., his father, was a shy law student when he met Mary Maxwell, Bill Gates’s mother. They got married and soon had Kristianne, Bill, and Libby. As a child, Gates was very close to his active and outgoing mother. He also enjoyed reading books. He spent hours reading the encyclopedia which concerned his parents. They were concerned that he would become a loner. When Bill was 13, his parents sent him to Seattle’s Lakeside School. In 1973, Bill graduated from Lakeside and enrolled at Harvard University. He is married to Melinda Gates and has three children.

Net Worth

Bill Gates’s current net worth is $77,292,359,498. He has sold approximately $925 million in stock. He continuously buys and sells stocks. Currently, Bill Gates owns 298 million shares.

What is He and His Company Doing Now?

Microsoft is doing well now under the new CEO, Satya Nadella. They are continuing to work on new projects. And Bill Gates seems to be working on a new and mysterious project called “Project Agent”. He is also a part of “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”.


Bill Gates has started a foundation called the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”. Bill and his wife started this foundation in 1997 when they decided to help the lives of people living in poor countries. The people working for this foundation are trying to find cures for malaria and polio. In 2008, Bill resigned from Microsoft to devote his time to his foundation. Not only does Bill help people through this foundation, he also donates money to charities. Bill has that he will give away 95% of his money before he dies. So far, he has already donated $28 billion through the foundation.

Fun Facts

1)"It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure."

2) Bill Gates was arrested in 1977 in New Mexico for driving without a license and running a red light.

3) Bill Gates plans to give away 95% of his fortune.