Of Monsters and Dinosaurs

by Heidy de los Santos


Frankenstein- The monster. I chose the monster as the protagonist for Frankenstein because all he wanted was to be accepted, he did not chose to be created and he also didn't chose to have such a terrible creator.

Jurassic Park- Dr. Alan Grant. I chose Dr. Alan Grant as the protagonist for Jurassic Park because he truly cared for the dinosaurs and did not want to exploit them like Mr. Hammond. Unlike Mr. Hammond he thought about the consequences of his actions.


Frankenstein- Victor Frankenstein. I chose Victor as the antagonist because of his hostile ways to the monster. He chose to leave the monster behind after creating him and he also refused to create a partner for him.

Jurassic Park- John Hammond- In my opinion Mr Hammond is the antagonist of Jurassic Park because he genuinely did not care about anything else but money. He only wanted to exploit the dinosaurs in order to become richer and because of his ignorance he failed to think about the consequences of his actions.


Frankenstein- Man vs. Himself- in Frankenstein when Victor had to make the hard decision of choosing whether to make a partner for the monster or to keep watching the monster hurt more innocent people because of him is an example of man vs. himself.

Man vs. Society- The monster whole life is sadly an example of man vs. society in Frankenstein. The monster scares and is hated by everyone including the person that created him, Victor.

Jurassic Park- Man vs. Himself- In the movie once the dinosaurs had escaped from their secluded area and Mr. Hammond's grandchildren were out in the same area the dinosaurs were, he really started to question himself and wondered if what he had created was a dangerous thing or if it was in some way beneficial to the world.

Man vs. Society- In Jurassic Park an example of man vs. society would be when Mr. Hammond brought Dr Alan grant, his wife, the lawyer, and Ian Malcolm to the park in order to prove himself and show them what he has done. He wanted society's approval whom in this case society would be the visitors that he has brought to the park.

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Frankenstein- We can not choose what kind of world we are born into but we can chose how we react towards it.

Jurassic Park- Nothing good can ever come from being greedy.

Both- We must think before we act. And not only think about the benefits but also all of the conflicts.

Ending Scenes

Similarities- The ending of the novel and the film are similar because at the end of both the antagonists realized what they had created and how dangerous their creations truly were.

Differences- The endings are different because unlike in Jurassic Park the ending of Frankenstein was a very tragic one and mostly everyone in the novel had died where as in Jurassic Park mainly everyone got out alive and happy.

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The Quest

Walton- Robert Walton was in search of finding something that no other human had ever discovered before which is why he is traveling to the North Pole, a land that no other has ever gone to before.

Victor- Victor Frankenstein was in search of crasating something new and testing human nature. He wanted to create something that no one had ever done and he was also in search for knowledge.

The monster- In Frankenstein, The monster quest was to be able to understand humans. He wanted knowledge but later learned that all of his new knowledge was hurting him. He also wanted a companion, someone to share hai terrible life with.

Dr. Hammond- In the film Jurassic Park Dr. Hammond's quest was to become richer also he wanted to do things no one had ever done before and he wanted to do so while also becoming rich.

Dr. Grant- Dr. Grant was searching for a lot of knowledge mostly about dinosaurs. He is a paleontologist who loves dinosaurs and loves to learn a lot more about them.