Mobile Learning and Creativity

Winter 2015 Intel Course

Needing Graduate Credit or PDC Points?

If you're needing graduate credit or PDC points, I'm facilitating the Intel courses Moving into Mobile Learning and Creativity in the Mobile Classroom starting January 21st, 2015. These are actually two 3 week courses that I am combining into a 6 week course. Participants who complete this course can earn two college credit hours or twenty-four PDC points.

Course Overview

Moving into Mobile Learning
Take this introductory course to understand the benefits and challenges of mobile learning and the components of a successful program. Learn what you need to consider when creating a mobile-learning environment in your classroom.

Creativity in the Mobile Classroom
This course builds on concepts introduced in Moving into Mobile. You’ll learn concrete ways to implement mobile learning effectively, while encouraging students’ creativity.

Appropriate for all grade levels.

Cost: Free

Grad Credit: Optional 2 Grad Credits from Baker University for $130 OR 24 PDC points

Should I take this course? Does it apply to me?

The most common question(s) I receive about the Intel Courses: Should I take this course? Does it apply to me?

If any of the following statements are true for you, then you should take this course:
  • I currently use/have a teacher iPad and/or iPod.
  • I currently use/have student iPads and/or iPods in my classroom or at my disposal.
  • I have at least one mobile device that I can use with students.
  • My students bring their smartphones to class and I would like to put them to use in the classroom.
  • I would like to use mobile devices in my classroom, but don't have one yet.
  • I am really interested in and want to know more about mobile learning and creativity!

What Homework to Expect:

3-5 Hours a week of coursework depending on how much reflection time needed. All class discussions are housed in Edmodo. All work is completed online, so no face-to-face meetings and no scheduled online office hours.

Class Schedule

Module 1: January 21-27

Module 2: January 28 - February 3

Module 3: February 4-10

Module 4: February 11-17

Module 5: February 18-24

Module 6: February 25 - March 3

If you have additional questions before enrolling, please contact me through one of the options below.