Bulldogger Tech Talk

April 1-5, 2019

Creating Good Digital Citizens

With all of the technology we've placed in students hands, it's important to continue to teach them how to be good digital citizens. What does good digital citizenship look like? It comes in a variety of forms, and it can be difficult to figure out just how to approach it with students. If you're looking for some resources to help reach students in regards to, not only the technology we provide but also the technology they use in their personal lives.

  • Google Digital Citizenship and Safety Course - This course is geared toward educating the educator so that they may, in turn, educate the students. That's a lot of educating!!
  • Common Sense Education/Digital Citizenship - Common Sense Education has several free lessons separated by age. These can be great units to use with students as they grow.
  • 21 For Students - This site offers several different digital citizenship activities. There are 21 activities geared toward teaching MS students how to be smart, safe digital citizens.

This is a small sample of resources available for teaching digital citizenship to our students. If you can't find something here, let us know. We can help you locate the resources you need!



Summer Camp Themes

Art Workshop | Grades 3-9

Get a splash of creativity this summer at Tri County Tech’s Art Workshop. Taught by local artists, campers will create a variety of art using a wide range of media such as painting, sculpting, and drawing to name a few. Each Friday will culminate into an art show showcasing the campers’ masterpieces!

Chef Academy | Grades 3-9

Cooking is nothing short of an art form and Tri County’s Chef Academy will take it to the next level. Utilizing math, reading, and chemistry, campers will explore the history of food while cooking their tasty creations. Exercise creativity through themed meal planning, colorful plate presentations, and learning new techniques!

Coding w/ RaspberryPi | Grades 3-9

Explore computer programming with, RaspberryPi, a small computer that will fit in the palm of your hand. Campers will build their own Pi, learn the fundamentals of coding, all the while using fun programs like a “Rock band”, “Virtual DJ”, and “Stop Motion Animation Rig”. They will learn Scratch and Python programming language with no coding experience needed.

Daring Drones | Grades 3-9

This action-packed camp will have campers enjoying one of the world’s fastest growing professions and hobbies, drones. Campers will master basic piloting skills, explore real-world applications of drones, safety tips, and construct an obstacle course which they will then traverse with the wide variety of DJI drones.

Engineering Quest | Grades 3-9

Work in teams to design and build catapults, mousetrap cars, bridges, and gliders. Experiment with design software applications and create exciting models using 3D printing. All this, while exploring general engineering fields!

Entrepreneurship | Grades 7-9

Who wants to be a millionaire? Campers will get a jump start on critical career skills and learn how to turn their passion into profit. Learn the secrets to success and capitalize on an opportunity to participate in a Children’s Business Fair later in the summer!

Imagineering Crafts | Grades 3-9

Let your imagination run wild! Using “Imagineering” campers will utilize their creativity and the engineering design process to build critters from cardboard. The oldest group of campers will watch their critters come to life by adding motorized moving parts to their creations.

Rowdy Robotics | Grades 3-9

Work in small groups to brainstorm creative solutions to a challenge given at the beginning of the week. Design, build, and test a robot made out of VEX materials. Put your prototype through preliminary testing and watch as your programmed robot overcomes the week’s challenge!

Science, Ewwww! | Grades 3-6

Gross. Yuck. COOL! Does your camper enjoy getting a little messy? Gooey creatures, waste disposal, and body odor are just a few of the disgustingly awesome topics we will be checking out this week. The best part? It smells just like it sounds –wonderful!

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