Teen guide to smart dating

By: Sidney F, Teagan T

Relationship advice

To have a romantic relationship you can go on dates to places you both will enjoy, have similar interests, give each other compliments, talk face to face, and speak about your personal life with each other.

Benefits of Abstinence- Physical

Some benefits to staying abstinent are you will not get an STD, you will not get pregnant, and you will not have future financial problems because of a child.

Benefits of Abstinence- Mental

Three mental benefits of remaining abstinent are you won't feel regret, personal guilt, and you won't feel any emotional pain because of something you did.

Benefits of Abstinence-Social

Some social benefits of staying abstinent are you wont be labeled in school, your friends wont judge you, and people may look up to your relationship with your partner.

Avoiding unplanned sexual activity

To avoid these situations you can go on dates where there are lots of people around, avoid saying anything to bring the situation up, and talk to each other about setting boundaries including sexual activity.

Setting boundaries for romantic relationships

If you set boundaries you will have more time communicating with each other which will keep you involved in each others lives. To have a safe relationship setting boundaries will help you and your partner know the limits and not go to far. To have a responsible relationship, setting boundaries will help both of your parents have more trust in both of you so that you can be able to go places without them worrying.

Healthy and safe expressions of affections

Some healthy way to show you like someone are holding hands while walking, hug them, put their arm around them at a movie, and compliment each other.

Refusal skills and pressure lines

Pretend Johnny is at Janes house

" I think that we should go further in our relationship "

" Well I think we should not because it could ruin us and I don't want that."

"We'll I think our relationship would be better if we went farther because we would be closer."

" No I really think we shouldn't, I mean we are still young, too young to be doing that."

" Everyone is doing it now though"

" NO!"

Sidney Fasnacht

What I have learned about this subject is that staying abstinent, it is the only 100% way to be sure nothing will happen. I have learned all of this from our awesome health teacher Mr. Yenser. Mr. Yenser is qualified because he went to school to be a teacher.

Teagan Townsend

What I learned on this subject are good refusal skills for pressure lines. If you can resist pressure you can stop any sexual activity from happening and not have a risk of getting an STD.

Consequences of early sexual activity

Physically- you will be exhausted, you will probably get an STD, and you may get pregnant.

Mental- you will be guilty, you will be ashamed, and you will feel regret.

Social- people may make fun of you, people will talk about you, and you friends will probably not like you.

Characteristics to a healthy relationship

Healthy: Both of you have an interest in each other and other things that you like. You both should be talking about things that are important to you. You both need to talk face to face for you to know what you like and don't like about each other.

Unhealthy: An unhealthy relationship would be only hanging out together for a sexual relationship instead of actually getting to know each other. You both wouldn't talk to each other at all, and you argue about who wants what.

Stay abstinent PSA