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Value and why its important

For all plants to get energy they all use photosynthesis which is the transformation of sun light to chemical energy.All plants need water,sunlight,and carbon dioxide to be able to live. The product of all that makes its energy or glucose. For photosynthesis it needs 6co2 6h20 and sunlight to make c6 h12 o6+co2. There is a organelle called a chloroplast that plays a major roll for plants as well as photosynthesis it is the only cell able to carryout photosynthesis. Also plants are very important to animals on earth as well. They are food for some animals and produce 90% of oxygen on earth. on the food chain plants are on the bottom, think about it as the game jenga if you pull out the bottom piece (plants) it will all fall. So in conclusion we all need plants to survive.

We cant live without them

How important is it?

The value of photosynthesis is out of this would. It is so important to have photosynthesis on earth because thats were plants get all there food. Also if they all died they produce 90% of oxygen on earth. It is also food of alot of animals.