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What is E.Coli

E.coli is a bacteria and can be caused by unpasteurized milk, uncooked meat and soft cheese. Young and old people are at risk of experiencing E.Coli. people who weakened immune systems are more likely to suffer from E.Coli.
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Transmission and Causes

Transmission of E.Coli can potentially cause an infection. You can be sickened with E.Coli by eating raw meat or swallowing a mouthful of contaminated water with human taste.


E.Coli comes from germs and bacteria and it builds up when you don`t take showers and wash hands. To prevent all of this you can take warm showers, wash meat , wash fruits.

eat cooked foods also just to be safe. All of these are the number one rules for cooking.

E.COLI sickness

Did you know that a person with E.COLI will have to dill with E.COLI symptoms for 3 to 4 days, in some cases they may appear in a week or a day later. E.coli is a name of an bacteria that lives in your intestines. most types of E.Coli is harmless, some types may make you sick and cause diarrhea.

The history of E.Coli

E.Coli was first discovered in the 1800. Almost everyone has risk with infections. E.Coli may cause serious pains and those pains are side effects. people have experienced E.Coli everyday.They also die every min from it.

future of E.Coli

developed tech to identify E.Coli easier. you should always use you common scence when cooking. wash hands good enough you smell the soap, make sure you watch what you touch. wash hands when you feel icky.

the less famous outbreaks of e.coli

five children were in the hospital with E.Coli in the united states. People have died from this in pain. most people are sickened with E.Coli. Most adults and young kids get E.Coli

treated or cured

People with E.Coli have to rest for a while. fluids to held prevent dehydration and fatigue for the day? Avoid taking anti diarrhea medication because it slows down you digestive system. There is no current cure at the time that mat cure E.Coli infection


To prevent people from E.Coli put cooked hamburgers on a different plate from the raw or uncooked meat. Wash your hands after and before eat and cooking. Any boxed or bottled juice kept in room temp.


The organs that are infected intestines, kidney,abdominal

keeping the public safe

Canadian food may somethings may cause E.Coli as KFC, Taco Bell because they have had infectious foods.

Wash hands while counting your ABC's so your hands will be completely clean.

Make sure beef is cook until brown.

Don't leave milk out unattended.

Wash veggies for 5 to 10 minutes.

Use safe food handling by keeping up with your hygiene.

Keep pets away from food.

Stay away from people who have also been infected.


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