7th Grade Math

Ms. Kiersz

This is Going to be a Wonderful Year!

I am very excited about this upcoming year! For many of you we have already had the pleasure working together as a teacher/student/parent team to insure success all around! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the year.

Cell: (281) 382-0725 you may call or text

Email: Mkiersz@trinityisd.net

Megan Kiersz

Discovery Approach Learning (DAL) and Project Based Learning (PBL)

As you started this process last year, we will continue to use this format within the classroom. I feel that it does prepare the students for more of an all around type of thinking, instead of the straight forward approach of memorizing and practicing one skill at a time. You can go to BIE.org for more information about this way of teaching.

Supply's to be turned into Ms. Kiersz

These are from the supply list - and NOT in addition to!

2 black or blue pens

1 dozen pencils

1 packet of construction paper

1 folder (please write student's name on it)

2 packets of notebook paper

1 composition notebook (please write the student's name on it)

1 box of kleenex

1 glue stick / glue bottle

1 package of graph paper

1 pack of index cards

I will be keeping these supplies in my classroom so that throughout the whole year, your child will have them to complete any assignment they would need them for.