My Summer

by. beau bolen

This summer I went to Destin, Florida played at the beach and went school shopping I got all the clothes that I needed. Then we played in the water, when the huge the waves came in, we swam under them so they would knock us down into the sand. We would lay on the beach for a while just drying out in the sun. When I got back into the water, I felt something sting me. It felt like a bee sting but I looked down and it was a jelly fish. It was small and I just stayed in the water not worried but looking at it. After we were done at the beach for the day we went back to the camper and got washed off. Then at night, all of these little crabs would come onto the beach and you can find them with flashlights. We went down to the beach with buckets and flashlights and caught about 30 of the crabs. It was so fun, they are on the shore everywhere so you have to be careful where you step. When you try to catch them with your hands they try to pinch you so you have to be fast and put them in the buckets. The next day we began our drive back to Kansas because the weather in Florida was suppose to get really bad flooding. On the way back we went to Waco, Texas and got on the Royal Flush slides which was so much fun. There is four slides that are all different sizes and you go down them and they shoot you into the air and into a pond of blue water. After that we got back on the road to Kansas and my dads truck broke down in Oklahoma. A cop stopped and asked why were pulled over so we told him why. We thought we needed to jump the car but then we figured out we needed a new alternator. All the auto stores were closed for the night the cop told us to wait until morning. He told us he would take us to the nearest motel, so we loaded up and went to the hotel for the night. In the morning the cop picked up my dad and took him to the auto store for part we needed. They installed the part and we were on the road again. Finally we made it back to Pratt, Kansas. We were so glad we went on the vacation but the end was sort of rough. But on the other hand that is what makes a family vacation fun. So that is my story of my summer.