The Cold War


Who was fighting?

Panama and Noriega (at first with US then agianst us) (caribbean, Central, and South America) against the PDF

Reason for intervention/what were they fighting for

Manuel Noriega became dictator of Panama and he was first a friends but then betrayed us. The Bush administration was hoping to remove Noriega through a peaceful election and being ever mindful of the rigged election in 1984. Then the National Assembly declared the nation to be a state of war.

How USA got involved?

The US fought against Noregia, we supplied arms in order to remove him from power.

Why is this part of the Cold War?

After the invasion of the Panama, the PDF regime was completely dismantled and Noriega was under siege. The standoff ended when Noriega surrendered; Noriega stood trial in a Florida Federal Court and as a result Panama stands is free and they have a democracy (its one of America’s closest allies in Central America)
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