The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


Using daydreams as part of the text structure, Walter Mitty is characterized as a victim who is unable to stand up for himself.
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Walter is teased and pushed around by the car mechanic

Walter is unable to remove the chains on his tires, so the mechanic likes to tease him for it.

Walter chooses the path of least resistance by deciding to wear an arm sling the next time he sees the mechanic so that he will not get teased.

Walter is treated disdainfully by the parking lot attendant

The parking lot attendant shouts at Walter when he is in the wrong lane.

Walter says that the parking lot attendants are always so cocky.

Walter's Wife constantly bosses Walter around

Walter's wife tells him what to do all the time.

Walter races his car engine when she is yelling at him to show that he doesn't like getting bossed around.


The use of daydreams in the text structure characterizes Walter as someone who can't stand up for himself when pushed around.