3-5 News

December 2015

English Language Arts

Teaching Strategy: Fluency

Level: Any level of Reader (All Grade Levels)

Genre: Any

Skill: Automaticity

Read Like You’ve Always Known It

When a student pauses to read a word (work out parts; prefixes, suffixes, etc.) ensure the child goes back to re-read the sentence in which the word was embedded. This helps the student to hold and build meaning within the larger text.


  • I noticed you’re stopping to figure out that word. Make sure you go back and reread the sentence once you figure it out.
  • Go back and read the whole sentence.
  • Now that you know the word, go back and reread.
  • Read it again with that word you just learned.
  • Make sure that’s the right word; go back and reread the whole sentence.
  • Reread.
  • Read it again.


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STEMscopes are here! Log in info is posted on Its Learning in your grade level resource course in the Science folder.

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Social Studies

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