Middle West - Issues and Events

Ikiyah Searcy and Cailey Richardson

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Destination of many cattle trails

The destination of many cattle trails was Kansas which is in the Middle West

French Fur Trade

In Wisconsin beavers played a major part in the french fur trade because there were many hunters so when the weather got bad they would use the beaver's fur for hats and clothing.
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Crops feed much of the United States

The Midwest has the best soil and weather conditions for growing crops such as grain and corn.

Lincoln-Douglas debates

A series of seven debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas during the Illinois state election in 1858. The issues they discussed were slavery and states' rights.
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Encompasses much of the Northwest Ordinance growth (1787)

Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and part of Minnesota. < Sates that encompass.

Heartland of the United States

The Midwest was called the "Heartland" because the mid-westerners were more stable, cautious and traditional than other regions.
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