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May 31st - June 4th

Principal's Message

Dear Parent(s),

For me, the first sign of Spring is the removal of the gravel off the roads. The first sign of Summer is the opening of the swimming pool. I'm happy to say that day has come, as of Monday May 31st our Phys. Ed. classes will be participating in swimming/water activities. Please make sure your child is appropriately prepared, swim clothing, towel, sunscreen etc. Below is our schedule class swim schedule.

Also, with only weeks left in our school year our teachers will be making a "final push" with final assessments. Below is the schedule for Gr. 7-9 Final Exams.


D. Lorne

Learning In Action

Black Panther

The Grade 5/6 participated in a thematic Black Panther day this week. During this day, students were transported to the land of Wakanda, where they learned about Black Panther, Wakandan tribal history, isolationism and African culture. They then compared the tribes and government of Wakanda, to democracy, colonization and the Iroquois Confederacy. Students did a great job comparing these two different forms of government, and origin stories. They also work on their inferencing skill with reading parts of a Black Panther comic, and created hologram projectors that were inspired by the kimoyo beads, which are used in the film and comic. They used these hologram projectors with iPads to bring different holograms to life.


Students in grade 7 constructed Bridges to be tested in class. They had to withstand the forces of compression, tension and torsion. They also had to build their bridges under budget and incorporate aesthetic factors into their design.

Swimming Schedule

Jr. High Final Exam Schedule

Good News Story - GYPSD

Mental Health Day Activities

Pet Day

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June 2nd - School and GYPSD Council meeting

June 3rd - Mental Wellness Day

June 4th - Dress like your Grandparents Day