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Ask Me About...

Here are just a few of the things you can ask your kindergartner about from this past week:

We began the new year by talking about resolutions for 2016. From reading to swimming under water, this class has some great goals for themselves. What did your kindergartner share as his/her resolution?

I began a new calendar journal with the students. It allows each student to be an active participant as we work on math skills, writing, and elements of weather. By the end of the week, many of the students were able to complete most of the journal independently. Time permitting, we will complete most of the journal in school so that it is ready to share with you. Sharing and reading their journals allow your children to practice reading, writing, math and science. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions. You may see small changes to the journal depending on the lessons I teach.

We read books about Mrs. Wishy-washy. She had to give baths to all of the animals who decided to jump in the mud on her farm. We reviewed what is means to be the characters and setting in a story. We also practiced retelling the beginning, middle, and end of a book (see flip book that came home today.) A goal for our kindergartners for the 2nd marking period is to recall story details. Ask your child to retell you the story of Mrs. Wishy-washy in his/her own words. Their own copy of the book will be sent home on Monday to practice reading.

We also put our acting skills to the test with some readers' theater. Students had the opportunity to read parts of Mrs. Wishy-washy in front of the rest of the class. I think we have some future Academy Award winners in our class! By having students take on a character's role, I am trying to encourage them to read fluently and with expression.

Now that winter is truly showing her signs, we wrote about or favorite activities to do in this cold season. Snowball fights seemed to be the winner.

I assessed the students knowledge of our word wall words and was truly impressed with how much they know! A paper was sent home today to allow you to see the words your child can read and/or write independently. I have also begun to include our word of the day on the calendar to keep you informed. I truly appreciate you working with your kindergartner on these words. It is so helpful as we read books together and write in our journals!

In library, Mrs. Robinson read The Book With No Pictures by B. J. Novak and The Day the Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt.

Looking Ahead

Below is what we having coming up next week:

  • We will attend a science assembly on Monday.
  • We will read winter themed books and continue to retell the characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end of the stories.
  • We will visit centers that have a snowy theme.
  • We will demonstrate our amazing skills on the Kindergarten Literacy Assessment and math assessments.
  • We will read about and discuss the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Important Dates

12/24-1/03: Winter Break
Monday, January 11th: Spirit Day and Assembly (Have your child wear blue and white to show their Cougar pride.)
Friday, January 15th: Spirit Day (Have your child wear their favorite team's apparel.)
Monday, January 18th: MLK Jr. Day (No School)
Wednesday, January 28th: End of Marking Period, early dismissal for grades 1-6, regular schedule for morning kindergartners
Thursday and Friday, February 4th and 5th: Staff Development, No school for students
Friday, February 12th: Valentine's Day Party
Monday, February 15th: Presidents' Day, No school
Thursday, February 18th: 100th Day of School Celebration

2nd Marking Period Math Benchmarks

As we approach the end of the second marking period (Are we really half way through the school year already?!?), I wanted to remind you of the math benchmarks for kindergarten. I will be assessing the students over the next few weeks and plan to share the results with you. Below are the math goals for January:

  • Count forward from 1 to 65
  • Count backward from 12 to 0
  • Count from 0 to 50 by 10's
  • Write numbers from 1 to 29 sequentially
  • Write dictated 2 digit numbers correctly (out of order)
  • Read 2 digit numbers (out of order)
  • Create and interpret graphs
  • Identify, extend, and create patterns
  • Identify the rectangle, square, circle, triangle, trapezoid, rhombus, and hexagon

While we work daily on these skills, it is extremely helpful if the students are also practicing them at home. Taking just a couple minutes each day in the car, while making dinner, or during family time to reinforce the skills above can make a world of difference.

Pictures of the Week