Instructional Technology Classroom

For those who want a little more info about current tools.


This is an invitation to view a Google Classroom Set up with resources we use in our classrooms.

This is for YOU if:

You want a little more info about Google Classroom, or Kahoot, or how to create a self paced lesson with all of the resources, then visit the 'classroom.'(BlendSpace)

  • Updates will happen regularly. So, if you have an app or tool that you use often . . .let me know. i try to have vetted resources and tutorials available at the 'classroom'.

  • The tutorials that are available in the classroom are those for the 'basic' level. if you would like more learning, see your building's Technology Integration Specialist who can direct you to richer materials.

How to get into the 'Class"

go to your Google Classroom app and type this code wd6ubzm

The Class is called Instructional Technology.

Information about ALL of the Google Apps for Education

I'm here to help.