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Issue 2: Great Lessons (Part 2)

Welcome to the second issue of the fortnightly publication of top tips from the global staffroom. The second issue of 'World Class PE' will continue to focus on what makes a lesson great.

Tom Sherrington (@headguruteacher) is a head teacher in Essex and in January 2013 he started a blog series called 'Great Lessons' where he focused on 10 'habits of excellent practice'.

"This series of posts is about the habits of excellent practice; the things we do every day in the classroom; the attitudes and dispositions we need to have in order to embed excellent practice into our routines – our default mode."

Tom Sherrington, Essex

Great Lessons: Explaining

At the core of a great teacher’s skill-set is the ability to explain the concepts, theories and techniques that make up their subject. On the reputational scale, there is no doubt that teachers who explain things well, making the complex simple, score highly as Great Teachers. I’ve observed countless lessons where the teacher exposition accelerated the learning process for everyone through the clarity of the explanation. It can be a joy to listen and learn as an expert teacher tells the story that lifts the fog and makes it possible to see clearly.

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Great Lessons: Joy

This series on teaching Great Lessons is all about the habits of day-to-day teaching; our instincts; our default-mode…. the things we do automatically. I want to suggest that one of the most important habits of a Great Teacher teaching Great Lessons is to find joy in what they’re doing and in what the students are doing. When I walk into a lesson that gives me a sense that it is a Great Lesson…in most cases, there is a strong sense of enjoyment. The teacher and the students are busily engaging in tasks or exchanging ideas in a way that conveys enthusiasm and interest and even pleasure… JOY!

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Edited by Ross Wickens (@MrWickensPE), Teacher of PE at Toot Hill