Tracking Tracking Trash Questions

By Brianna Orelien



The Ghost Net Project

Ghost nets are abandoned fishing nets. Whether deliberately discarded or discarded accidentally the damage they cause are the same . They damage coral reefs threaten animals and trap trash.The ghost net project helps to take ghost nets out of the water and track how they move.They also set free and help animals that may have lost arms or legs being trapped in ghost nets like turtles.

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I can make a difference by reusing things instead of throwing them away. Things like water bottles, plastic bags, and toys around my house are plastic. Plastic can threaten the lives of animals in the ocean and make oceans and beaches dirty .Instead of throwing away plastic bags I can keep them in my house for times when I need them.And I can sell toys for money instead of trowing it away.Instead of spending so much on plastic bottles of water I will use a reusable one.These are just simple ways I can reuse and help my environment.