George,Burroughsfirst minister hung

George Burroughs was a prime minister of Salem village and he was the only minister hung on August 19, 1692, in Salem village he was a baptist. He had 5 children. Many members of Salem village testified against George Burroughs saying he was a Ringleader of the devil. After having a dispute with the Putnam about George not paying them back.

first minister hung

leaving Salem village

He left Salem village and went to go see his children and twelve years later he paid back the Putnam family and on that day he was arrested may 20 1962, in wells,Maine for witchcraft and brought back to Salem village was sent to jail. his hanging was the only one attended by cotton Mather's who urged the sympathetic crowd against him. he was accused by Ann Putnam JR. When Margaret testified that she was a witch she testified against her grandfather and George saying that they were wizards. George did heroic deeds for his neighbors. George headed for Maine after two grave misfortunes befell him in Salem, his wife died.

Burroughs gets a visit

when he was in prison Margaret paid George a visit saying she lied when she testified against her grandfather and him. George jacobs sr. she had already officially petitioned Salem’s court.

Before he was about to be hung his last words were ‘’The lord’s prayer’’ after he was hung cotton Mather said ‘’The devil has often been transformed into angel of light’’. There were rumors that he didn’t plead innocent and he didn’t do the same thing like the girls did when they were becoming witches like scream in terror all he did was recite the prayer.