Black ops 2

*Why you should buy it and play it*

Buy the game

This is a tough dissension because of the price of the game it is 60$ for new and that's a pretty tough price for just one game, but the best thing about it is that it comes with one DLC edition and you can buy more DLC when you get the game because you world be able to access the Call of Duty Bo2 store buy and buy all kinds of stuff.

The fetures to the game

The best part about the are the feature and they are Single player, its where you embark on missions to stop Manendeze from whipping out the united state by using its own drones against us. Another feature is that you can fight the undead by going into the Zombies mode were you can play up to 4 players to slay the undead hordes and try to survive as long as you can. The final feature is the multilayer its were you can have up to 18 people to fight to win the game. You can rank up you level on your guns and player and you can unlock kill streaks, perks, weapons, equipment, and wild cards. Also if you get the challenges done for the gun that you use you can get a gold camo and even a DIAMOND camo for all you guns, but you have to get gold for all the guns in that category first before getting DIAMOND camo.

Thanks for Reading My artical

Thanks to all the people reading my articular and hopefully you get an idea to buy this awesome game. Thanks once again to all of you please give the game a chance its AWESOME!!!!