International Space Station

History and description


The international space station was built in 10 years to build and took 30 missions to build.15 countries contributed to making it. the space station is a little bigger than a football field. it weighs 460 tons and orbits 240 miles above the earths surface.Also it is 4 times as large as the Russian space station Mir and is 4 times as large as the us Skylab. the space station is used for many things like doing experiments and refueling spacecraft
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It started on January 25 1984 when during president Ronald Reagan's state of the union address when he directed nasa to build a international space station

November 20 1998 the first piece of the space station launched on a Russian proton rocket

December 4 1998 Unity the first us built space station module launches on the first space shuttle

November 2 2000 Astronaut Bill Shepherd and Cosmonauts Yuri Gidzenko and Sergei Kirkalev were the first crew to stay on the space station

February 7 2001 Destiny US lab module became apart of the space station

February 7 2008 the European Columbus lab becomes apart of the space station

March 11 2008 the Japanese lab kibo becomes apart of the space station

November 2 2010 the international space station celebrates its 10 year anniversary since expedition 1 in the fall of 2000 202 people visited the station