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Look back on our coverage of the Fall Showcase from 2018!

An Animated Experience

In the Academic 600 building, room 605, was teacher David Elm’s coding class. Students got to show to their parents and anyone else who stopped by what kind of video games they’ve worked on.​​

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Election Guide

One of these presentations was created by Government and AP Government students: the 2018 Election Guide.

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Freshmen Pro Sites

One of the main goals at Minarets High School is to prepare students for their future and the freshmen were able to showcase the pro sites that they created in their Minarets Cs class.

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Mock Trial Entertains at Minarets

During the Minarets Student Showcase on Tuesday, October 23rd, students from English teacher Michael Vaughan’s Junior English class presented a mock trial case to a large group of students, educators and parent spectators.

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Key Club Showcases with Boo Grams Benefitting Unicef

At the Minarets High School Showcase on October 23, 2018, Key Club volunteers sold Boo Grams to benefit UNICEF and to share information on the EliMiNaTe Project.

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¡Mira! ¡Mira! Spanish and Dance Showcase

Hey all you crazy stangs! As you know, last Tuesday was showcase! If you were not able to attend, allow me to fill you in on what happened in Mrs. UP class! Here is what you missed:

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Music Department Showcase 2018

For the Minarets Music Department, spectators gathered to watch students from both Singer-Songwriter and Showband perform their pieces with the assistance of the Sound and Lighting Class (SLED).

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Mustang Minute's Broadcast of Showcase

For Broadcast Journalism, teacher Juan Ortiz had the Mustang Minute put on a live talk show at 4:15pm with students, parents, and teachers that could join. If you ​wanted a video you had created for any class, club, program to be aired on the live stream you just had to see Mr. Ortiz.

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Senior English Showcase

During her showcase a bunch of students presented either their SLE proposal or they came up with an argumentative idea to present on why they think their idea is absolute. through carefully.

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World & US Showcase

In room 601, history teacher Ben Regonini showcased student presentations about the governments they created as well as the US Constitution.

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Fall Showcase 2019

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