5 Things to Know about WNHS

October 19, 2018

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Homecoming Court

Pictured above are our candidates for Homecoming King and Queen. They are (L to R): Savannah Adcock, Luke Duenas, Lesly Guarneros, Zach Biledo, Julianna Buzzelli, Daniel Gallegos-Cruz, Jourden Reis, Collin Halliday, Grace Huelsman, Trevor Weiskopf.

Come out to the game tonight as we battle Harvard High School and watch the coronation. This crowning and Senior Parent night will occur between the two football games at approximately 5:45 PM. Parents of all Homecoming King and Queen candidates also get in free to the game. We hope to see you there!

SIP Day on Tuesday!

Remember that Tuesday, October 23rd, is a half day for all students. Students will be released at noon. Teachers, however, will still be working hard as they participate in multiple professional development sessions by subject area. Buses will be running at noon. Lunch will be served for students who want to pick it up.

Band Concert

Tuesday, Oct. 23rd, 7pm

Auditorium, WNHS, 3000 Raffel Road, Woodstock, IL 60098

Course Selection Timelines for the 2019-20 School Year.

It is happening so fast! It is already time to think about students selecting their courses for next year. It all begins on November 1st. Each grade level will have an assembly that day to hear information about the courses for their next year. This is their first chance to ask questions and make sure that they know what they must be enrolled in for next year to meet graduation requirements. They will all get a copy of their transcripts (except 9th graders). It would be good for parents to ask their student to remember to bring that document home. It is also important to remember that there is a curriculum (or course selection) guide on line with descriptions of all the courses. This document will be updated if changes occur as we progress. A link is provided below.

On Monday, November 5th, teachers will hold an open course fair for all the electives and college prep core classes during each of the lunches. On Tuesday, November 6th, teachers will have a second course fair during lunch for all of the AP classes. During these 2 fairs, students should plan to talk to the teachers of any classes that they are not sure about. Things that they should ask: 1. What are the topics covered in this class? 2. How much homework will there be with this class? 3. Are there courses that I must take before I can take this course? 4. What else should I know before I sign up to take this course?

After these 3 events for the students, parents will have a course fair just for parents (and your student) on Tuesday, November 6th, at 6:30 PM. All of the department chairs for each area will be here to answer any of your questions. It is common for students to tell their parents that they really don't need to come to this meeting. But we think it is very important. Parents need to guide the students in course selection and help them pick courses that will best prepare them for their life after high school. While we do our very best to help each student pick the best courses, parents know their students better than we do! Please take an active role in helping them select their pathway. Students will all have a course selection form. We need parents to review that form and sign it so that we know that you have discussed the choices with them.

Incoming 8th grade students will begin their course selection process in January. More information on these dates will come as we get closer to that time.

Finally, students will meet individually with their counselors during their English classes on a day selected by the teacher. This meeting will last between 5-10 minutes on the average, and students should be prepared with their questions. All current students at WNHS should be finished selecting courses by the end of 1st semester. It is expected that students remain in the courses they have selected for next year. If you have any concerns about the course selection process, please contact your students counselor.

Thunder Way Cafe Next Week!

Once again we are ready to celebrate all of our students that are doing things well here at WNHS. Next Friday, all students who have:

1) No F's;

2) No more than 2 absences of ANY kind;

3) No discipline incidents; and

4) No tardies --- will be treated to a special luncheon.

Students are doing well here at North as we have increased our number of students who qualify for the Thunder Way Cafe 1st quarter by about 60 students over the same period last year. These students also have now earned the privilege of being able to go to the library and some other open common areas during their study hall. Students must maintain their grades and attendance in order to keep these special privileges. Students will each receive a special invitation to attend the luncheon, and the lists of those that have earned this honor will also be posted on the main office windows. If your student is one of the honorees, please be sure to celebrate their accomplishments with them!