Designing Instruction Based on Goals

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

TEKS Do Contain: Basic knowledge (not higher level thinking skills) and prerequisite knowledge necessary for attaining higher level thinking skills.TEKS Do NOT Include: activities, resources and assessments

Benjamin Bloom

Benjamin Bloom devised a hierarchy of thinking skills from lower levels, or basic skills, to higher levels that include more creative, problem- solving ability and critical thinking for students.

Bloom's Three Domains for Objectives

unit plans

Lesson Plans

There are usually many lesson plans involved in a unit. Each lesson should fit into the goals of the unit of which it is a part. Unit plans should include: title, the overview (nature and scope, goals), instructional outcomes, conceptual map (unit web), timetable, the approach (probable introduction), activities, bibliography, material and evaluation techniques

Lesson Cycle

one of the many types of classroom in­struction and includes the following parts:· Objectives/goals/TEKS, focus and introduction (get students attention, connection to prior knowledge, materials, teacher modeling/direct instruction, guided practice, independent practice, assessment/Evaluation, enrichment/Extension activities and closure
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