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Planning Together for 2020-2021


Welcome to summer! Prayers and blessings to you all. We miss you! Below you will find so much information to get you set for summer and to start Fall 2020.

Please, take your time to read everything and note the dates at the very end.


Our Summer Enrichment Material order finally came in! We have summer books and resources handpicked for PK3 to 8th Grade Graduates from our Title Funding!! Great stuff to keep the learning going this summer! You may pick up the week of June 15 to June 19--just call ahead prior to arrival so we can keep you safe and be ready.

You may pick up next week with your summer materials if you need a hard copy signed by the principal AND we will also email your final report card by the end of the week.


Arrived this week. You may pick up with your summer order mentioned above. Just call ahead to visit during our Summer Hours below.

2020-2021 YEARBOOK

TBD. The company was closed for production for the past few months. All orders are delayed. We will keep you posted on when yearbooks will be completed. We do not have date yet.

Below you will find important information for:

1) Our Superintendent's Letter re: Fall Re-Opening

2) Summer Volunteer Projects: WE NEED YOUR HELP!


4) Summer Fun REGISTRATION for July 6 to July 31.

5) The draft, TENTATIVE school calendar for 2020-2021, still pending approval, but I wanted it in your hands so you can plan as much as possible.

6) Save the Dates for the First Day of School and Back to School Night.

By the end of the month, clearer policies will be in place from our Archdiocese and by early July our own safety council will have met.

Letter from our Superintendent: PLEASE READ, Click to Download!



Please email office@saintmonica.net or call 210-658-6701 to schedule your office visit.

Monday to Thursday: 8AM to 4PM

Friday: 8AM to 12PM, closed on July 3

Ms. Salazar and Ms. Cortez on Silent Retreat/Vacation/Off-Campus June 15 to June 30. School Office will be open ALL summer except July 3 and Friday's after 12PM.

School Beautification and Safety Projects! Summer Volunteers Needed!

Sign Up Below to support SMCS this summer! Sign up by FRIDAY, Complete at your Leisure!

Need volunteers for:

Volunteers will create their own schedules and times that work with their own obligations. We will get supplies and school access for you!

  1. Painting the rest of the rooms in the Annex

  2. LANDSCAPING/Weeding: Trimming Hedges lining the Annex Playground, Tidying up plants surrounding the school, Cleaning out the Prayer Garden

  3. PLAYGROUND: Remove Wood Chips, weed-eat, and reline in Annex Playground, Refill with new wood chips


  5. Dry Erase Board Installation in PreK Classrooms

  6. Creating an inventory/storage of school furniture and a “yard sale” of surplus furniture not in use or finding a donation place in need.

Other ideas? Have a great connection for playground wood chips?

We'd love any projects you are passionate about!

Sign up HERE to be a Summer Volunteer!

Create your own schedule and timing!


1) Director of Academic Excellence, Regina Cortez
  • Strengthening of our Academic Intervention training and services: Push-In/Pull-Out for interventions as needed.
  • Starting Gifted and Talented Program with Teacher Training and Support
  • Team Certification for Dsylexia Intervention during Summer
  • Team Training for G&T and Autism Interventions during Summer

2) Hybrid Learning to meet your family's needs:

  • Can choose: in-person, entirely virtual, OR hybrid for special cases
  • A survey in July will be released so you can opt into what is best for your family.

3) Development of a 5-year strategic plan with a NEW school council

  • Starting plans to update gym facilities and build outdoor learning centers
  • Includes 5-year budgeting planning for long term sustainability.

4) Self Study Year for Accreditation

  • You will see on the calendar 6 extra half days required by our Accreditation Governing Board and Archdiocese to prepare school self-study for Accrediation in Fall of 2021.
  • We will be "studying" ourselves for a year to prepare for re-accreditation.

5) Same Uniform. BUT may purchase black shorts or pants, socks, and shoes at store of your choosing.

We recognize the financial strain on many of our families due to our current global pandemic.

Thus for 2020-2021, we will allow parts of the uniform to be purchased outside of Flynn O'Hara. We will return to FULL Flynn O'Hara in 2021-2020.

  • On NON-Mass days:
    • TOPS: Flynn O'Hara Polos OR Flynn O'Hara Button Up Shirts
    • BOTTOMS: Flynn O'Hara Black Slacks or Flynn O'Hara Black Bermuda Shorts or Flynn O'Hara Plaid Skirt or Flynn O'HaraPlaid Jumper OR you may purchase your own black slacks or bermuda shorts (Knee length) at store of your choosing.
    • Black socks required. Knee-length for skirts. Ankle length for shorts, pants. Can purchase at the store of your choosing.
    • All BLACK shoes with good traction. No light up, glitter, or large logos showing. Can purchase at the store of your choosing.

  • On MASS days:
    • TOPS: Flynn O'Hara Button Up Shirts with Appropriate Tie
    • BOTTOMS: Flynn O'Hara Black Slacks or Flynn O'Hara Plaid Skirt or Flynn O'Hara Plaid Jumper. OR you may purchase your own black slacks at store of your choosing.
    • SHORTS are NOT for Mass Days.
    • Black socks required. Knee-length for skirts. Ankle length for pants. Can purchase at the store of your choosing.
    • All BLACK shoes with good traction. No light-up, glitter, or large logos showing. Can purchase at the store of your choosing.

  • USED UNIFORM SHOP OPEN BY APPOINTMENT! Call 210-658-6701 to schedule your visit. Great prices! Inventory will change throughout the summer! We have many donations from our graduating 8th graders.

5) Buying school supplies in bulk for August 2020-2021

  • 55% of our families opted to buy supplies in bulk.
  • In July we will have supply lists if you do not want to opt in to this service. We will have a total cost in early July.

6) New and innovative scheduling to support safety!

  • TBD in July and Early August with enrollment numbers.

Our Summer Planning

By Late July/Early August .....

This summer we will be hard at work planning our staffing and setting up our facilities to ensure even more safety.

SO many of our decisions for your health and safety are entirely based on ENROLLMENT.

We need your help!!

Please complete your registration, if you have not already, so we can move forward with budgeting and scheduling.

We do not want to overpromise with so much still unknown as we head into Phase III. Thankfully we have June to observe trends and learn from our partner institutions to set up our systems in July for Summer Fun and closeout Summer Fun with proper time to sanitize our school for our August start date.

We are committed to meeting and/or exceeding CDC guidelines for our student population as we tackle the tough questions like (and SO MANY MORE!!) "Who should wear masks?" "How do you distance 3 and 4-year-olds?"

So much is still unknown AND this Principal is eager for our pending Archdiocesan guidance to steer our safety committee's decisions and policies!

By late July/Early August, I will email you more information so we can partner together to ensure health and safety as much as possible!

SUMMER Counselor's Corner: Note from Mrs. Moncrief

Mrs. Moncrief is available if you need to connect to services this summer. See below for how to connect.

We have MANY ways to connect:

1. Email: I will do my very best and reply by the next day. If there is an emergency, contact Ms.

Salazar and she can get hold of me.

2. Website OR Google Classroom:

Students may submit a request by sending a message on Google Classroom. Class code is 72fdwe3

Students or Parents may submit a form on our website HERE.

3. Ideas and additional support---Padlets: digital bulletin board. Just browse and click on the

tiles. Hopefully, some things will be helpful.

Padlet for Parents, Password: Parent

Padlet for Students, Password: Student

Looking forward to supporting you!

COMPLETE BY JUNE 20: 2020-2021 Tuition Assistance from Hope for the Future

Please remember to complete HFF for 2020-2021 ASAP.

NEW FOR 2020****ALL FAMILIES (even PreK) must complete if you will be seeking tuition assistance. PreK families will be rejected by the HFF system AND we will use your data to support your family as our own internal resources allow.*****

1) Complete OR relog on to your 2020-2021 FACTS Application at https://online.factsmgt.com/aid if you had already filled one out, you can just log back in!

  • You will have to pay $35 fee to FACTS (the Arch/HFF/we do not get this).
  • I will reimburse ALL families that get charged $35 to fill this out for COVID related assistance on your May tuition.

2) You will need:

  • 2018 OR 2019 tax documents along with their most recent W-2
  • You may take pictures of their tax docs with their phone and upload those pictures directly into their FACTS application.
  • Give a complete financial picture, be sure to turn in any financial effects of COVID19--furlough, loss of hours, etc.

3) Should you need assistance editing their application you can contact the FACTS parent line at 1-866-412-4637.

4) The deadline for the 2020-2021 school year extended until June.

Please complete ASAP.

ARE YOU A PREK FAMILY NEEDING ASSISTANCE? Please email me directly, asalazar@saintmonica.net Thank you!

Summer Fun 2020: July 6 to July 31

We need to make a few changes to our operating schedule for Summer Fun to allow for proper cleaning/sanitation after each session and to support our planning time .


  • Summer Fun will be from 7AM to 4PM for $400/student--this time will include ALL materials needed and summer camp instruction/Programming from 7AM to 4PM.

  • After Camp Care: 4PM to 6PM, If you need care from 4PM to 6PM, an additional $100/student After School Care Fee will be administered and this time will be student-led activities and childcare.

SUMMER SCHEDULE: Dive in Summer Fun

Classroom Rotations: Art, Music, Tech, Reading FUNdamentals, Math FUNdamentals, Faith in Action, Summer Service Project, Dynamic Play

7AM to 8:30AM: Arrival, Student Self Choice Activities

8:30AM Official Start Time, Opening Ceremonies, Prayer & Morning Movement!

9:30 AM Classroom Time--Content Rotations and Snack

11:30 AM Afternoon Get the Sillies Out/Exercise/Mid Day Prayer

12PM Lunch

12:30PM-2:00PM Nap Time for 3 and 4-year-olds

12:30PM-2:00 PM Classroom Rotations for 5 years old and up

2:00PM to 3:30PM Classroom Rotations for 3 years old and up

3:30PM to 4PM Closing Ceremonies, Prayer, and Afternoon Recharge Stretches

------Additional Charge for After School Care from 4PM to 6PM--------

4PM to 6PM: After School Care, Student Self Choice Activities

Initial Safety Plans (more to come):

  • We will not be going on any field trips AND will bring in activities that will allow us to stay safe!
  • All students must sanitize and have temperature taken before entering the building. Students with a fever will not be allowed into the building and must be fever free, with no fever-reducing medication and doctor's clearance, for 72 hours.
  • No visitors (including parents/guardians) will be allowed into classrooms or into the building.
  • Parents may visit with teachers or office staff by APPOINTMENT only after 4 PM for teachers and office staff during summer office hours.
  • Student drop off must be via carline and students will not exit the vehicle until our team members may assist.
  • All students must bring their own lunch in entirely disposable materials--i.e. paper sacks.
  • All students must bring their own water bottles as water fountains will be shut off.
  • We will clean/disinfect regularly throughout the session and close by 4 PM so that our cleaning company and the team may sanitize.
  • Classroom size will be determined based on enrollment and staffing within safety guidelines.

Additional guidelines and modifications to follow based on Archdiocesan policies.


Big picture


Save the Date: Summer School

Monday, July 6th, 8am to Thursday, July 16th, 12pm

St. Monica Catholic School

We will offer Summer School from 8AM to 12PM, Monday to Thursday, July 6 to July 16 at no charge for students that need remediation and meet requirements from testing data.

Priority will be students needing additional academic support with recommendations from teachers. We will have a waitlist.

PreK 3 and PreK 4 Back to School Night/Meet the Teacher

Wednesday, Aug. 12th, 5-6:30pm

515 North Street

Converse, TX

Sign up time slots will be available to maintain safety.

Kinder to 4th Grade Back to School Night/Meet the Teacher

Thursday, Aug. 13th, 5-6:30pm

515 North Street

Converse, TX

Sign up time slots will be available to maintain safety.

Middle School, 5th to 8th Grade, Back to School Night

Thursday, Aug. 13th, 6-7:30pm

515 North Street

Converse, TX

Sign up time slots will be available to maintain safety.

First Day of School!

Monday, Aug. 17th, 7:45am-6pm

515 North Street

Converse, TX