FHE Extra Info

Forest Heights ....Very Busy

Did I say A BUSY WEEK???

No PLCs this week. Please use your time wisely within your week. We are conducting observations even though we have an awkward schedule
  • With field trips on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Don't forget benchmarks on Wednesday and Thursday
  • Field Day on Monday and Tuesday...(cross your fingers that it's not raining @ 9am)

Science Benchmark is Online

5th grade stops all movement on Wednesday!

So what does this mean:
  • We will be using lots of computers...
  • Media Center will be closed
  • Computer Lab will be closed
  • One 5th grade classroom will be occupied
This means Ist, 2nd, Kindergarten and Pre-K will have to use outside doors to move around the building. Please DO NOT USE inside doors adjacent to the media center.
Please DO NOT TRAVEL through the building unless absolutely necessary.

Look for more details from Mr. Hardin

Field Day

Please make sure to make parents and guest feel welcome at Forest Heights!