Parent Newsletter September 2nd

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Thompson's Talk

The first two weeks were a huge success. Our students are learning their new teachers and their new grade levels. Teachers are bragging about how great their classes are this year. We have an amazing group of kiddos that we are proud to call family.

Tardies will begin tomorrow, September 3rd. Students need to be in class at 7:30 to not be marked tardy. If a student is tardy, please walk them in to ensure they get in safely. Staff is on duty until 7:30 to make sure they get into the building. If students arrive after this time, there is not someone outside to facilitate this. Thanks for your help!

If you haven't yet, please consider becoming involved with our Mt Peak PTO. They are a great organization that help out our students and staff. They provide water and snacks for field day, special reward parties, and bit items such as playground equipment and shade structures. Thanks for your support!

Drop off/Pick Up

Our double car line is going great. Every day gets faster and faster. Our morning car line was done at 7:28 Friday morning! Way to go Mt Peakers! Thanks to our safety patrol for helping us out in mornings and afternoons. Our afternoon car line only took 13 minutes today! That's down from last week and Monday when it took 25 minutes.

Just a reminder since our car line is moving faster that the back walker gate is only for walkers. Thanks for your support in keeping our kiddos safe.

Our Why

In read alouds this week we talked about We Are Family with students. We talked about ways to exhibit ways to be a good family members. Students also know that they can come to an adult if they should have a concern. So far I have read to 16 classes with more to come next week.

Our next culture tenet is Celebrating the Power of Diversity. At Mt Peak we have students from different backgrounds, cultures, and learning styles. We celebrate these differences as they provide a richness to class discussion and different perspectives. At Mt Peak as a family we will celebrate diversity and use this to personalize learning.

We believe in celebrating the power of diversity.

  • Honoring and celebrating every individual is powerful. It’s where heart and kindness fosters a family environment.
  • Because we see each person as an individual, learning is personalized, resulting in achieving new heights.
  • When we are inclusive, everyone’s uniqueness is celebrated.
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Midlothia ISD - Celebrate the Power of Diversity


Please bring an ID into the front office each time you come in. We scan your license to print out a name tag while on campus. Our system was upgraded over the summer and the ID's that were scanned last year didn't save. The new system also only stores ID's for 30 days now. Thanks for your support.

Attendance News..


In order to help ensure your child receives “excused” absences should they have to be out, we would like to remind you of some of our MISD Handbook guidelines:

Parent Notes After an Absence

You are allowed, as a parent, to write a note to excuse your student’s absences up to 7 times each school year. When a student must be absent from school, the student—upon returning to school—must bring a note, signed by the parent that lists the full name of the student, describes the reason for the absence and the date of the absence(s). After you use all 7 day of parent notes, all additional absences will require a medical note. We ask if you student is seen by a medical professional, to please bring a note from their office.

Doctor Notes After an Absence for Illness or Injury

If a student is out for an illness or injury and is seen by a medical professional, we request that you bring that note to school to excuse the absence upon return. A student that is absent for more than 4 consecutive days because of a personal illness is required to bring a medical note to excuse the absences. If you write a note yourself this will go towards your parent note allotment for the year as described above.


In order for our learners to maximize their learning time while at school, we continue to ask for your help. This note is to remind you that classroom instruction begins promptly at 7:30.Students arriving at school after 7:30 a.m. and/or who are not present in their classrooms when the tardy bell rings at 7:30 a.m., are considered tardy and must report to the office for a tardy slip. If your child arrives after 7:30 we ask that you come to the front doors and personally walk your child into the office to sign them in. Upon the 5th tardy, a parent or guardian is notified, and beginning with the 10th tardy, a student will be assigned a morning detention. Repeated instances of tardiness will result in lunch detentions. The back and side car lines are open each morning at 7:05, allowing ample time for learners to get to their class without being tardy.

Prearranged Absences Requirements (Vacation Policy):

The district no longer has a policy that requires a pre-approval from the principal to take planned days off.

Instead, you will be allowed to use your parent notes (7 days a year) to excuse these days. Please keep in mind that any additional days past those allotted 7 days will require a medical note for the remainder of the year.

Contact me with any question.

Safety News

Midlothian ISD welcomes parents and community members to volunteer on our campuses!
Please review the guidelines below for all visitors.

On Campus Vistors or Volunteers:
Includes those attending school assemblies, lunch, or class parties.

  • All visitors must present their state issued ID at the front office to run through Raptor before going into the main part of the campus.
  • All visitors will be issued a name badge to be worn at all times while on campus.
  • If you have younger children attending with you please monitor them at all times to insure their safety and to keep disruption of classes to a minimum.

On Campus Chaperones or Field Trip Chaperones Background Check Requirements:
Includes those attending an off campus event with a class or those managing an event/club such as field day on campus.

  • The background check form must be completed every school year that you choose to be a chaperone.
  • Chaperone must check in at the front desk for a name badge.
  • Check-in with the staff member in charge of the event you are participating in.
  • Forms must be complete and submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the event. The form can be completed at your discretion at the beginning of each school year.

Click HERE to complete the Volunteer Background Check Form. As a reminder, it can take up to 3 weeks to receive the results.

If you have questions regarding the background check or the process please contact the Student Services Administrator at 972-775-8296.

Badge policy

Students are required to wear their badges each day at school. Kindergarten pictures for badges will be taken next week. Students are required to have these on when they get on and off the bus. Thanks so much for your support!
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New Teacher Spotlight~Joy Cheshier

Mrs. Cheshier is new to our staff at Mt Peak this year but she has been a parent of Mt Peak. She also taught 4th grade at Mt Peak a few years back. Mrs. Cheshier graduated from Texas A&M University. She taught 4th grade in College Station ISD at South Knoll for 4 years, 4th grade at Mt Peak for 1 year, and 7 years at Noah's Ark Bible School Prek. She enjoys activities with her family such as swimming, crafts, and movies. Mrs. Cheshier spends a lot of time in fellowship with her church family. As often as possible she enjoys being active and getting in a good workout. She also really loves being home and reading a good book. Mrs. Cheshier also played basketball for 13 years! When asked what made you decide to be a teacher she said, "I remember as a kid playing teacher in my room with extra papers from school and my chalkboard. I would teach anyone pretend or living in my bedroom classroom. Even as a young girl I had a desire to teach. I have a passion to understand kids where they are at and help them grow to reach their full potential. All children are a gift and I truly believe I have been called to serve as a teacher to young children." Very well said Mrs. Cheshier! She is so happy to be back at Mt Peak for her 2nd year! "It is a joy to be a part of the Mt Peak family as a parent and teacher," she says. We are so glad she is here too!

Mt Peak Mission Statement

The Mt. Peak family will make a positive difference in the lives we touch by putting children first and challenging everyone to reach their full potential.

Mt Peak Cheer

If it is to be

It's up to me

To Stand Up and

Be the difference!

Upcoming dates

Sept. 2nd~Labor Day Holiday

Sept. 5th~All City Choir tryouts 3:15-4:45 for 4th and 5th graders

Sept. 6th~Spirit Store (PTO) opened during lunches

Sept. 9th~Lunch with Loved Ones (Grandparents or special visitor) PPCD/Pre K, K, 2nd, and 4th

Sept. 10th~Lunch with Loved Ones (Grandparents or special visitor) 1st, 3rd, and 5th

Sept. 10th~PTO Meeting 6:00

Sept. 12th~All City Choir begins

Sept. 13th~Spirit Store opened during lunches

Sept. 27th~Spirit Store opened during lunches

Oct. 7th~Staff Development

Oct. 11th~Spirit Store open during lunches/Homecoming

Oct. 31st~Fall parties

PTO Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 10th, 6pm

5201 Farm to Market Road 663

Midlothian, TX

Come hear about what's going on with the Mt Peak PTO!

Empower talk

Teachers this summer read the book Empower. In this section each week I will include a quote or an idea from this book that we are using. In the opening section Juliani and Spencer comment, "Our job is not to prepare students for something; Our job is to prepare themselves for anything." When I went to school, education was about compliance and simply following the rules. Rules are good when we are talking about safety and respect. Sometimes in academics take math for example following one way to do something or the "rule" made things harder. Then a movement came about to engage students. Teachers were and still are to an extent encourage to really make sure students were learning, but were interested in what they were learning. Students were given a little more choice and were taught there was more than one way to approach problems. Empower has educators changing the mindset for students to have more personalized learning. Students have more choice and more freedom to learn the way that is best for them. The power of learning comes from multiple avenues and students learning from others is an untapped resource. I am so glad that you are on this journey with us!

Music Programs

“M-Powered” MUSIC Events are as follows:

4th/5th Grade All City Choir Try - Outs - September 5 - 3:15-5:00 P.M. - Music Room

Mt.Peak City Choir Starts - September 12 - 3:15-4:45 P.M. - Music Room

4th Grade “Texas” Program and Art Show - Tues. October 22 - 6:30-7:30 P.M.

5th Grade “Veterans’ Day” Program and Art Show - Mon. November 11 - 6:30-7:30 P.M.

All City Choir Concert - December 3 - Tuesday - 7:30 P.M. - MHS

3rd Grade “Christmas” Program and Art Show - Thurs. December 12 - 6:30-7:30 P.M.

Spring Choir Starts - January 24 - 3:15-4:45 P.M.

1st Grade “Hearts & Heroes” Program and Art Show - Thurs. February 20 - 6:30-7:30 P.M.

2nd Grade “Spring Musical” and Art Show - Thurs. April 16 - 6:30-7:30 P.M.

Choir “ITZ” Festival - April 23 - 9:00 A.M.- 6:00 P.M.

Kindergarten “I Can” Program and Art Show - Thurs. May 7 - 6:30-7:30 P.M.

Cafeteria News

Please see the new breakfast menu below. Aramark is offering choices for breakfast each morning. There will be one hot item offered. Or students can choose 2 whole grain offerings. Students can also choose a combo of whole grains and another choice.

A new app is now available called Nutrislice for nutritional information and cafeteria menus. Check it out.

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Our curriculum

In Midlothian ISD we use TEKS Resource System for our curriculum. The teachers log in to see what TEKS are being taught that nine weeks. I have included the link below for parent resources. Many of the TEKS spiral or build upon each other so it will look as if the same TEKS are being taught. Please let me know if you have any questions! I am happy to go through this link with you as well.


1. Click parent resources. It may ask you are you a parent and then it might give you a copyright notice too.

2. Click on grade level and subject. You will have to scroll for Science and SS.

3. Scroll down and click on YAG under curriculum. Then hit Search.

4. You will want to click on the YAG for nine weeks.

5. Once there it will bring up a page that has the TEKS. These are labeled by grade level then a . then the TEKS number.

I have also included some screen shots. Let me know if you would like more information.

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Junior Panther

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Destination Imagination

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Parent U

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