Minimum Wage

Is $7.25 enough to support one person?

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$7.25 isn't enough for the average person in the United States

According to blogs.wsj the college class of 2015 is the most in debt class the world has ever seen. In 2015, the college graduating class reached its peak by owing up to $35,000 per student (most of the students). I say that if we were to raise minimum wage, many working students wouldn't be this high in debt. Honestly paying off thirty five grand isn't easy and if we higher'd minimum wage, students wouldn't have to pay off as much

$7.25 is enough for students who work minimum wage jobs

Many people would argue that $7.25 is enough for a high school/college student. According to most adults argue that $7.25 is more than enough for a high school or college student. They say that most high school and college students don't really do anything to actually earn them more than $7.25 an hour.