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St. Paul School-Kevin Brever, Principal-February 7, 2014

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  • St. Paul Parish School Calendar of Events
  • St. Paul Sports Calendar
  • Good Luck to Coach Marc Gayheart and the Archers!
  • Go Raiders! Take City!
  • Student Participates in "Fight for Air Climb" - 2/16
  • Hen Party - 2/17
  • Open House - 2/18
  • Second Grade Family Lunch - 2/20
  • St. Nicholas Academy (SNA) Mixer - 2/22
  • News From the Parish
  • ---Parish Mission - 2/24-2/26
  • PTA Raffle Update
  • St. Paul Weekly News Video
  • News from the Classroom
  • --- Kindergarten
  • --- An Exciting Month in SPD and Library!
  • --- Art
  • Super! - Super Bowl Baskets
  • "Sixations" Perform with the John Robin Band
  • Stay Connected


Our archery team will have their first tournament this evening and tomorrow at Atherton High School. The 20 member roster includes: Matthew Barnes, Nathan Beck, Brianna Bragg, Brandon Gaekle, Madison Harrod, Dustin Horn, Rachel Key, Hannah Lee, Trenton Meuschke, Donovon O'Donoghue, Brent Padgett, Greg Pendleton, Jacob Pruitt, Billy Schnieders, Ally Schum, Savannah Sosna, Zachary Thompson, Peyton Votaw, Kayla Liford


Go Raiders! Take City!

Congratulations to all the coaches and teams for their outstanding season and tournament play. Each team represented St. Paul well and I am very appreciative. Raider Nation is as strong as ever!

We have two teams that are left in the tournament.

  • The 5/6 A Boys will play for the City Championship on Sunday at 4:30 PM vs. Ascension at Trinity High School.
  • The 5/6 girls B team will play a semi-final game Saturday at 1:00 PM at St. Lawrence.

Go Raiders! Take City!

"Fight for Air Climb" - 2/16/14

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Student Participates in "Fight for Air Climb" - 2/16/14

Nathan Beck will be participating in a Fight for Air Climb on February 16, 2014 in Cincinnati, OH. This will be the second year he has participated. He participates in honor of his two uncles that passed away from lung cancer. In order to participate, he must pay the registration fee and raise a minimum of $100.00.

In order to help him out and to help raise money for the American Lung Association I am letting the students pay $1.00 for an out of uniform day on Wednesday February 12th? Please bring in $1.00 on February 12th and come "out of uniform".

Below is some information about the climb:

Event Information Fight for Air Climbs are unique fundraising events for the American Lung Association. Novice and expert athletes of all ages are welcome to climb. Your participation will raise the funds necessary to provide life saving education, research and advocacy so we can beat lung disease and soon find a cure.

The 2014 Fight For Air Climb Cincinnati will be held on Sunday, February 16th at the Carew Tower located at 441 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH. The Climb is 45 floors and a total of 804 steps.


Each participant is responsible for their registration fee and $100 fundraising minimum. Participants who do not meet the $100 fundraising minimum CANNOT climb – no exceptions. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. The American Lung Association® is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Please make checks payable to the American Lung Association. Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable to another person or event. That means that once we receive and accept your entry, you will not receive a refund if you cannot participate, whatever the reason. To view registration information see the sections titled Registration Fees and Climb Options below. Both individual and team registration options are available. There are no additional fees to create a team.

Hen Party - 2/17

On Monday February 17th the ladies of the parish will have their annual Hen Party. This is a very important event for the parish. Proceeds raised go to Ladies Club and help purchase items for the church.

Each year the school supports the Hen Party by collecting can goods that are raffled off at the party. This is a huge money maker for the ladies and we are once again doing it this year.

Please have your child bring in a can good or more to school next week and we will begin collecting. The class that has the highest number of can goods turned in will receive a pizza party.

Please help us help the ladies of the parish and support their Hen Party by donating a can good or more. Thanks,

Kevin Brever

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Second Grade Family Lunch - 2/20

FEBRUARY 20, 2014

12:00 P.M.


Chicken Parmesan, Mashed Potatoes, Peas, Salad, Fruit & Dessert


Uncrustable Grilled Cheese, Uncrustable Grape Peanut Butter and Jelly



Click this link for the GRADE 2 FAMILY LUNCH FORM.

St. Nicholas Academy Mixer - 2/22

  • Grades 6-8
  • Mt. Carmel's gym
  • February 22
  • 8-11 pm
  • $8.00 at the door

Parish Mission - 2/24-2/26

Saint Paul Church will be hosting Frank Runyeon Parish Mission on February 24, 25, & 26th.

Starting each night at 7pm

6901 Dixie Hwy

Free Will Offering

State Competition in Governors Cup Composition - 3/14/14-3/16/14 (Louisville)

Congratulations to Brianna Bragg for moving on to State Competition in Governors Cup Composition.

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Raffle Update

We are entering into the final weekend for our raffle fundraiser. As of this morning, we have collected $10,300.00. Our goal is $13,000.00. Please do your best to get your chances sold. We can reach our goal with your help.

Next week is a short week due to conferences. Please turn in all chances, sold and unsold, by Wednesday, February 12th. The drawing for the trip will be held at the Bingo on February 14th during intermission.

Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to support our school. We couldn’t be a success without you. I would especially like to thank the following families who have reached their goal of selling 10 chances.

Akridge – 4th ------------Allen – 5th --------------Anderson – PK

Ashby - 4th, 7th --------Ashley – 3YO ------------Assemany – 2nd

Baldauf – 4th -----------Barnes – 5th ------------Barnett – 7th

Baum – 8th -------------Bizzell – 2nd, 4th -------Beck – 7th

Blain – 8th --------------Bland – 6th --------------Bragg – 8th

Bushnell – 3rd ---------Byers – PK, 2nd --------Canchola – 2nd, 8th

Craddock – PK ----------Cox – K ------------------Deal – PK, 5th

Ernspiker – K, 3rd -----Finegan – K -------------Gibson – 4th

Gupton – 1st, 5th ------Hardesty – 2nd, 8th --Harrod – 3rd, 6th

Hayden – 5th -----------Harper – 4th, 6th -----Hawkins – 2nd

Hughes – 5th -----------Jones – PK, 2nd --------Jones – 1st, 5th

Jones – 4th --------------Keith – PK, 4th, 6th ---Kelly – 2nd, 8th

Lee – 2nd, 7th ----------Liford – 1st, 5th -------Logsdon - PK

Masticola – 4th --------Maupin – PK, 6th ------McClinton – 5th, 8th

McKeehan – 1st -------Miller – 2nd, 6th -------Mundy – 5th

Morris – 8th ------------Murphy – 6th ----------Nevitt – PK, 1st

Oliverio – K -------------Padgett – 1st, 6th -----Payne – PK

Pence – K ---------------Pendleton – 2nd, 7th -Peniston – 1st

Pratt – 2nd -------------Ray – 8th -----------------Riedenger – 2nd, 4th

Roberts – 4th, 8h -----Schmitt – 7th ------------Settles – 1st, 4th, 8th

Sims – 3rd --------------Slusser – 8th ------------Starks – 8th

Stewart – K ------------Thomas – 7th ------------Towles – 3rd

Trusty – 2nd, 5th -----Votaw – Y, K, 3rd, 5th --Wallen – 6th

Warren – 4th ----------White – 7th ---------------Williamson – 2nd

Wilson – 7th -----------Wright - PK

Thank you for your support, we appreciate all that you do!

Kellie Wilson

PTO President

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News from the Classroom


Kindergarten celebrated the 100th day of school on Thursday with various activities.

An Exciting Month in SPD and Library!

February is an Exciting Month in SPD and Library!

In Library classes we have been studying the Caldecott and Newbery Awards. Classes have been reading and voting on their favorites. We even watched the book trailers for the brand new award winners for this year.

Middle School students have been finishing up their multimedia research projects this week:

7th and 8th grades focused on 21st century inventions and

6th grade focused on famous sports athletes.

SPD is all about nets this month! Badminton nets that is… Classes will be learning the rules of badminton and playing in tournaments!

Preschool - kindergarten classes are using the badminton nets to learn volleying skills. During the month of February, classes will learn about our hearts and how to keep them healthy.


Parents: I am in need of magazines for the art room. I will take any and all magazines appropriate for students artwork. I really need food, home, sports, nature, and fashion magazines. Please no PEOPLE or magazines like that. You may send them in with your child and the office or their teacher will see that I get them. Thank you in advance.

I'd like to highlight the artwork we are doing.

  • 8th - Wooden Theme sculptures: creating sculptures from wood scraps by gluing and clamping. Then adding pictures and words by decoupage to convey a theme.
  • 7th - Weaving CDs: Students use an old CD as the loom to create woven "wheels" to hang with other's creating a pleasing room decoration.
  • 6th - Finishing our pinch pot birds. We attach two pinch pots together to form a sphere and add beak, wings, eyes, and feet to create a zany little ceramic bird, feathers and all.
  • 5th - Completed Winter Barns: Students painted a winter scene which included a barn and other outdoor scene objects for a landscape that shows a sense of space.
  • 4th: Completed a modeled figure; Working on pinch pot monsters. Cute little monsters with teeth, tongues, and legs made in our own style.
  • 3rd - Completed "Lion and the Lamb" painting using watercolor pencils. Discussed the ideas of compassion and tolerance for each other and how the famous painting "The Peaceable Kingdom" by Edward Hicks depicts that idea.
  • 2nd - Completed their Pattern Quilt and working on collage that shows space.
  • 1st - Finished Figures with Shadows, a fun project that required them to trace and cut and glue.
  • Kindergarten - We made two projects from crayon resist. Castles drawn together as a class and also a picture inspired by artist Jim Dine that simply four hearts arranged on a paper folded into fourths. Very nice.
  • PreK - Completed snowmen that are hanging in the hall on the bulletin board.
  • PreS - Heart collage. Students tears small pieces of paper and glue to a heart on paper.

Super! - Super Bowl Baskets

I would like to thank all the families who sent in items for the Super Bowl Baskets. The baskets were awesome! This year's baskets were the best we've ever had. I am so proud to be a part of the St. Paul Community.

Thanks again,

Mrs. Thornhill

"Sixations" Perform with the John Robin Band

The Saint Paul Advanced choir the "Sixations" performed with the John Robin band this past Friday at the Clifton Center for the Voice of the Martyrs benefit.

Stay Connected!

Please check your Engrade e-mails regularly so you are aware of happenings in the school.