Parent Coordination SHOUT OUT!

November 2018

Parent Coordination Network

The Parent Coordination Network is committed to ensuring that parents of students with disabilities receive accurate and timely information to assist in making informed choices in their children's education.

Surrogate & Foster Parent Online Training Modules

A surrogate or foster parent may be needed to represent a student with a disability during the special education process as outlined by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA). To serve in either of these important roles, an individual must meet several criteria, one of which is to complete a training that has been identified to meet the minimal standards established by the Texas Education Agency.

You may contact your school district or regional education service center for an in-person presentation or complete the online module at your convenience. Both English and Spanish versions are now available! (Click here for registration instructions.)

Click here for other Surrogate & Foster Parent resources.

Behavior Resources for Parents

Veronica Trevino, Behavior Specialist from Region 2 Education Service Center, has compiled Behavior Resource Documents specifically for parents of students receiving special education services. These resources include web links, guidebooks, and diagnosis-specific information, designed to help you address behavior, provide positive supports, understand behavioral and emotional disorders, take action against bullying, work through death/loss/grief, and target suicide prevention. It is a page you certainly don't want to miss!

Parent Request for ARD

Unsure of how or when to request an Admission Review Dismissal (ARD) Committee Meeting for your child? Watch SPEDTex's video Parent Request for ARD. This resource is available in both English & Spanish.

Top 5 Ways to Help My Child with Reading & Literacy

These reading strategies were compiled by members of the Parent Coordination Network to help parents quickly locate reading resources by disability category. Each sheet features easy-to-implement tips to address stages of development specifically targeting comprehension and executive function. Click here to find specific strategies.

November is National Family Literacy Month

Family Literacy describes parents and their children learning together. It underscores the importance of adult literacy by encouraging parents to prioritize their own education so they can be more involved in their children’s learning and literacy development. To learn more about Family Literacy, check out the ProLiteracy, National Center for Families Learning, and National Coalition for Literacy websites.

Looking for specific ideas to boost your at-home reading time?

5 Tips to Celebrate National Family Literacy Month

20 Ways to Celebrate National Family Literacy Day

International Literacy Association

Read On Arizona: Celebrate Family Literacy Day - All Month Long!

Reading Adventure Packs for Families

Need more help? Use these literacy locators for support.

National Literacy Directory

ProLiteracy: Find an Adult Literacy Program

Act Early Texas!

Act Early Texas! is a set of online developmental and screening tools for parents who would like to learn more about their child’s development to determine if it is on schedule. Working in tandem with the Center for Disease Control, The Autism Center of The Children’s Learning Institute is directing state attention and efforts through Act Early Texas! to better address the needs of young Texas with autism spectrum disorders, identify the gaps in autism resources, and provide tools and resources for contacting pediatricians and other childhood specialists about potential developmental delays.

Parents, be sure to check out the Access Resources tab on the Act Early Texas! home page. Educators should also explore the full offering of programs with focus on language and reading skills provided in conjunction with the Children's Learning Institute.

Transition & Employment Planning Webinar

This free online webinar is for parents or caregivers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ages 3-22 years) to discuss transition to adulthood planning. The focus of this training includes basic transition planning components, state and federal policies, self-determination skills, practical tips/strategies for career development, and more.

To immediately determine eligibility and register, click here. Or for more information, contact Dr. Nina Zuna at

The 2018 Statewide Parental Involvement Conference is almost here!

Presented by the Title I, Part A Parent and Family Engagement Statewide Initiative

December 6-8, 2018

Frisco Embassy Suites & Convention Center

Steven Prater, Special Education Technical Assistance Manager at the Texas Education Agency, will host a feature session dedicated to an overview and update on the progress of the Special Education Strategic Plan and accompanying corrective actions.

There will also be a group of Special Education break-out sessions covering best practices and practical strategies for parents, parent organization representatives, and educators. A collection of sessions will be either presented or translated in Spanish.

For more information, visit the event website or check out the registration brochure in the downloadable file below.

Plan now to attend the Inclusion Works! Conference

Presented by The Arc of Texas

February 10-12, 2019

Denton Embassy Suites & Convention Center

The 2019 Inclusion Works! Conference celebrates leaders that are rocking the boat to improve inclusion in Special Education. The conference will offer more than 30 sessions covering curriculum, behavioral supports in the Special Education system and an exhibit hall where attendees can see new technologies and solutions that are changing the way we all work. Participants at different stages of their careers will leave with lasing connections and new tools to rock the boat!

Partners Resource Network

Partners Resource Network is a non-profit agency that operates the federally funded Texas Parent Training and Information Centers - PATH, PEN & TEAM. All of the projects share the common purpose of empowering parents of children and youth with disabilities in their roles as parents, decision makers, and advocates for their children.

Waivers & Wait Lists

This month Navigate Life Texas is featuring a video about parents' experiences about the importance of getting on waiver interest (wait) lists as soon as possible. Click here to watch.

Looking to contact your local Mental Health Authority? Click here to search by county in either English or Spanish.

Tech Tool Finder: Expert-approved apps and games

Understood for learning and attention issues, helps you browse or search by issue, grade level, or technology type to locate specific apps and games for your child's/student's needs. Try out their Tech Tool Finder.
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