The Adoration Of Jenna Fox

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By:Jasmine S.

What Is Bioethics?

Bioethics incorporates the Greek word "Bio" which means life. Bioethics is the study of life and everything that is moral,legal,and social aspects of life,especially human life.

Basically it is all the laws,regulations,and research concerning human life.

1.How does your society define "Legally Human" ?

In my society '"legally human" is defined in many ways. The first is they have to be at least 80% human. This means that if any limbs were to be replaced than on 20% of that persons limbs could be removed and then replaced.

The second way we define "legally human" is when based on how you act. Taking Dane from the Adoration Of Jenna Fox he was told to be empty. If you are "empty" than in my society I don't consider you human. In my opinion you need to have something inside you to be considered human.

The third and final way we define legally human is in the way Mr.Bender did. He said "Listen to me, Jenna. There are different kinds of legal. Some are written in books, and some are written in here." He taps his chest. " Dane may have the paper kind of legal, but he has none of the kind that's planted inside." (Pearson pg.220)"

In America we don't have a definition for human because there is no cloning so there is no need for it.

2.How would your society regulate the laws concerning bioethics?

In my society there are three main laws concerning bioethics. The first one is cloning. We would regulate this law by checking labs and by using D.O.B. (Department Of Bioethics). Every lab and hospital would be required to send us paperwork on what they are doing. We are only allowed to clone cells.
In the United States cloning of a human is illegal. So there aren't many laws regarding it.
In the Adoration of Jenna Foxx they don't have the ability to clone humans and there are no laws about it yet.

The second law is about life support. In my society if someone isn't going to wake up and has been diagnosed this way by three doctors then life support has to be removed. It doesn't matter how important you are we all have to follow the same rules.
In Jenna Fox they don't have any laws on life support, but the F.S.E.B. controls what goes on in hospitals.
In America if the doctor believes that the patient is dying and it is time to draw the life support he must go to the family for consent. If they don't give him consent then he can take it to court.

The third law is about life saving procedures. In my society there are many laws concerning this but there is only one main law. The first is about saving someone using science. You can save someone using science but it can only be 10% of that science.
In Jenna Fox you have to be at least 10% of yourself.
In America we use very little science to save people and the laws aren't as strict.

Every law would be regulated and watched over by the D.O.B. and every lab/hospital has to turn in paper work about what they have been doing.

3.What would the consequences be if someone broke these laws?

In my society there would be three main consequences.

The first would be a life time sentence in jail for breaking any of the laws. This would be for everyone involved in it not including the person it was done to if they didn't have a say so.

The second consequence would be a time hidden away from the rest of society. This would happen to the person the law was broken on. That is if only they had a say so.

The third and finale consequence would be a death sentence. This is the most serious consequence. This would happen if you were to do something (Clone 5 people) then you would be killed.

In Jenna Fox's society people were sent to jail or severely punished if they were found breaking the law. The F.S.E.B. would hunt them down.

In America we punish people based on what a judge says in court,what the jury says,and common law. The officer can send you to jail,give you a ticket,ect.

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