Should students wear makeup at AMS?

By Sienna Scoggin


Should students wear makeup at A.M.S

What I Think

I think that if students start to wear makeup in middle school they'll take a step farther and wear too much and then finally become a model like in the video below.
dove evolution

What makeup will do to us. (watch video above) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

This is what happens when a company for a billboard makes someone look like what they aren't.


"If kids wear makeup they could end up getting permanent makeup."
_Dr. Robert Non
"Makeup can cause pimples."
_Dr. Samuel Greif
It can be inappropriate and also very gross looking. Cosmetics are full of chemicals which are not safe for you. You don't want to be that girl in the video above, we don't want our world to be like that. We look up to the 8th graders and they wear so much makeup and if they wore less makeup then we would likely wear less. makeup is very expensive so if we spend all our money on it we won't have enough money for important stuff like food so we can have energy to learn in school, or pencils and paper. These are the cons about wearing makeup in school.

Students Quotes

"No, because they can over do it and it can look unnatural." _Gemma
"No! Because it's bad." _Tali


Student Quotes

"I think students should be aloud to wear what ever amount of makeup that they want because it's their face."
--Aubrey Reynolds
"We shouldn't be aloud to wear exotic makeup, just a little coverup."
--Elena Schmeling
"I think that students should be aloud to wear makeup, but just that you tell that person is them." --Amelia Kahn

make up tutorial

There are tons of cool make up tutorials
Middle School Makeup Tutorial (Drugstore Edition)


It makes students more confident plus it brings out good features.
"Looks can tell a lot about a person and makeup can help." __Minis Roger
"If students start to wear makeup at a young age they will be really good with makeup and could maybe even end up being a model." __Danice Wilm
You don't want everyone to look the same you want everyone to be them self and makeup can help us express our self in the way that is different. Some makeup can be very inexpensive, so students can have enough money for other things too. Makeup is also fun to put on and doesn't take to long either to put on. There are lots of makeups that help prevent pimples from a curing for example clinique helps prevent pimples. These are the reasons we should be aloud to wear makeup in middle school.


SUMMARY. And did I change my mind?

Makeup can be good but it also can be bad i think why everyone wants to wear makeup (who does at A.M.S.) is because we are influenced by our surroundings, from movie stars to models to our community. Students at A.M.S. should be able to wear what ever they want as long as it's not inappropriate or harmful to them self and others. So i guess i changed my mind about the matter in this case!

What I Learned.

I found this project very interesting even though there wasn't a lot of data on this topic.
I learned that makeup isn't so bad for you and it's okay to wear a little bit of makeup to school.