Google News

Many Classroom Uses

Google News App

The Google News App has many features that are appealing to readers. Readers can adjust the topics according to their interests. The genres included focus on areas of news such as world, sports, entertainment, US, technology, health and science. You can also customize the topics of interest which can include education. You have an option to also select your news sources which can include local newspapers, national renown newspapers, periodicals and on line magazines.

This app has inspirational classroom aptitude. This app can easily be used to motivate students to seek new information and to read. The possibilities for classroom application include:

  • Students read and report on current events
  • Student given this option for personal reading time
  • Students read and practice written summary skills
  • Students read an article and identify main ideas and supporting details
  • Students identify statements of fact and opinion
  • Students use in research process

The potential for uses in your classroom is only limited by your imagination!

Feedly App

Feedly is an app that allows you to incorporate Google News, Youtube and other media all in one place and on your touch devices such as tablets and smart phones. If you like Google News or have been a former user of Google Reader, than this app is worth checking out!