Creating Change

Making the business opportunity of a lifetime work for you

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A few thoughts for you


As I have pondered our business opportunity this week I have a few thoughts to share with you. I have learned a lot through observing and then doing this business and a few realizations have come clear for me recently...

1. You can do this business your way.

Yes there are many things that the successful people all do and you want to follow those actions (sample, educate, follow up, enroll, support, repeat), but you can also do it with your own style and according to your own strengths. If you feel like right now you can only share your oils a certain way, that's OK. Do it. This is your business. Just be open to growth and stretching, but do what you do best. Do not be intimidated by what any one else is doing. Can't do a newsletter right now? That's okay!! Maybe that's not your thing! Can't post? Okay. Doesn't matter. Get out there and sample/follow up. Those two components are really the key. What you do will evolve and you will have a unique twist with your personal style, talents and resources.

2. Realize that we all have limitations to what we can do right now but they will change.

If it feels your feet stuck in the mud due to physical or emotional or family limitations, just hang in the mud and know that You will be able to move freely again as long as you don't quit. The seasons and stressors WILL change. I promise...

A year ago I could not get out and do classes at night because my family's needs were intense and demanding. I thought it would stay that way. I felt discouraged. I was wrong and I have found a lot more flexibility and freedom lately. Things can change relatively quickly.

3. This business opportunity is all about personal development.

Blythe has been telling me this for 2 years, and I really didn't know what she meant until I started pursuing the reading of business blogs and leadership magazines and periscopes. Suddenly I have come to understand why they say success in this business is all about breaking through your own barriers and growing personally. I have found is that this business is actually helping my personal life to progress as it urges me to dream, plan, get organized, be more efficient and push out of my comfort zones, and as I do that in turn my ability to rock this business is growing.

There are some great personal development books and resources specific to this business I can send your way.

4. We will always feel too busy for this but in actuality we can make time for it if we prioritize it.

When we look for windows of time to dedicate whether it's a short 20 minutes to create samples to put in your purse or 30 minutes to follow up and educate or 2 hours to run a class, the margins of time to do this are there if you seek them and prioritize them.

5. Believe that you can be any one of the successful leaders you see in this business.

You. Any one of them. Commit to being whatever rank you aspire to and then figure it out. No one has it figured out before they do it. Get out there and fail. I've been failing b.c I'm putting myself out there, which I know is leading me to growth and will lead to success. The difference between "them" and us is only time if we invest the work.

If your first rank goal is elite ($3000 OV) then say to yourself, " I am an elite leader. Become that person mentally and you will become it and get there. Take on the mindset and then take action.

That's all for now.

I am here to support you! Keep me posted on your goals!

;) Laurie


I am challenging you to make a list of 100 people that you know. Do not qualify whether they will or won't want oils. Write down anyone from the lady who walks on your street every morning to the people at school or work to family and beyond...Facebook friends, your phone contacts, anyone and everyone you can think of.

When you have made your 100 list, text me a picture. You don't have to take a closeup. I will send a little gift to you!

This list is meant to expand your vision of just how large your network really is. This is taught by network marketing guru, Eric Worre, author of Go Pro. He encourages you to not just make this list but let it become a growing list. So get it rolling and save it in a notebook where you can expand it. All of us have more than 100 contacts on Facebook alone. Suddenly you'll see you have more than 5 possible friends to sample.

Hope you'll join me on the challenge!!!


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This is my way of doing my business sampling today. I am delivering some citrus that landed in my kitchen to my neighbors with some wild orange samples. They will be getting an invite to a class coming up this month. I will be asking them if they would like to receive an email about it. Consider taking samples to your neighbors with a little neighborly hello.


doTERRA's annual convention has given me a whole vision and understanding of this company and the incredible business opportunity that it offers. Each year I thought that I didn't need to go and that it wouldn't be worth the time and effort to leave my family. It felt like a huge burden to allow myself to just do it. I have to say that each year I was glad I asked for help from friends and family, and that I went. This year it made all the difference in the world to keep me on this path which I know is going to change my life for the better in so many ways.

I encourage you to consider and even pray about the possibility of going to Salt Lake City in September for a couple of days and how you could make that happen. I have gone the past two years and I would encourage you to join us this year. It is well worth the sacrifice. I would be happy to discuss it with you. We (team oiltastic!!!) would love to have you. Tickets will only be on sale March 15th for $169 (it'll sell out like a concert) so now is the time to look at your options.

"Why webinar"

For a short time longer you can watch Eddie Villa's "why" webinar. Highly recommended. Take a listen today....