Black Holes

What Black holes are how they form and more about space!

What are black holes? How do they form?

A black hole is an object with gravity so strong that light cannot escape from it. This lack of light makes the black hole invisible in space. Black holes are the last stage in the life of a star. How the last stage occurs is when the star's fuel is used up, gravity takes over. The star's core collapses, then explodes. The energy and matter that is left behind is so massive that even light can not escape from this region of space, it becomes more compressed, finally a black hole is created. Blacks holes are scattered around space.

Wormhole Highways, Could we use black holes for space travel?

Some astronomers believe black holes are entrances to another point in space and time. Astronomers think that a black hole could be a tunnel that connects two points of space. "Could human ever travel through a black hole, using it as a tunnel through space?" (Black Holes, Pg 18) The question will remain unanswered until further research.
Travel INSIDE a Black Hole