Leonardo Da Vinci

Brooke Herlicka

About Da Vinci

  • Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April, 15 1452 in Vinci, Italy.
  • Constantly moved back and forth from Florence to Milan.
  • Studied music, math, writing, anatomy, sculpting, painting, and geology.
  • Spent the majority of his life drawing, painting, and sculpting the artifacts (Ex: Mona Lisa) that we know now as some of the most historical art pieces of all time.
  • He created the Mona Lisa.
  • His patrons were: Cesare Borgia, Giuliano De' Medici, and King Francis I.
  • He represents Humanism and Capitolism.

The Mona Lisa

  • The Mona Lisa was finished in 1506 and took three years to paint.
  • It's located in the Musee Du Louvre museum in Paris, France.
  • What's unique about the Mona Lisa is that she has no eyebrows, and no eyelashes. Legend says that the Mona Lisa is possibly a self portrait of Leonardo himself, and the reason why she doesn't have those features is because he didn't like them on himself.
  • I find this piece interesting because, it was first piece of art I learned about when I was younger.
  • Da Vinci used oil paints to paint the Mona Lisa therefore the cracks are left in the picture today.
  • The Mona Lisa represents Humanism.