Facebook Saftey`

by: Tanner Etersky

It is a very big website

Facebook is one of the most popular websites now with more than 250,000 new users each day. But it does risk you to leaving information online that you shouldn’t leave on there. It risks you to online companies selling your information so that other internet companies can send you adds. Employers can also access your profile and take your personal information. You can keep them from finding your personal information by not friending the wrong people and blocking personal information from strangers.

Be careful who you friend and what you post

You should consider some other important things as well. First, while you can meet new friends online, you may also come into contact with malicious people misrepresenting themselves. These are people you don’t want to know. Internet thieves and sexual predators are only too eager to exploit personal information found on social networking sites. They are out there and willing to hurt you unless you take precautions to protect yourself.