Connected Educator Month @iES

Day 31 - iES Twitter Chat

iES Twitter Chat

Today is the last day of Connected Educator Month! We are going to celebrate by having our own Independence Twitter chat!

A Twitter chat is where we have an interactive conversation on Twitter at a pre-arranged time about a specific topic.

When: Sunday, November 3rd

Time: 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Where: Your living room couch

Who: All Independence staff are invited

What: We are going to be discussing Connected Educator Month and what it means to you to be "connected".


  • Go to Twitter and sign up for an account.
  • Watch Mason's video on how to participate in the chat.

On Sunday at 6:50 p.m.:

  • Grab yourself a snack and a drink. (I'm putting on my PJs)
  • Grab your device and sign in to Twitter.
  • Get comfy on the couch.
  • At 7:00, let us know you are here by Tweeting: "#chaties I'm here!" (you don't need to put your name, as we can see your name and picture when you Tweet)
  • McAlister will post a question, which you will answer. To answer a question, type "#chaties A1 type your answer".
  • If you want to respond to what someone else answered, type their username in the Tweet: "#chaties @bluesquarex my response to Lisa Marie's tweet"
  • VERY IMPORTANT that you type the hashtag "#chaties" on every tweet or others won't see your response.
  • Don't worry about keeping up. Read what you can, respond when you can. Even if we are on Q2, you can still answer Q1! We just want you there.

If you need a one on one tutorial, or have any questions, come see Cathy or Lisa Marie today or tomorrow!

I'm stoked! This is going to be fun! (I've also heard that there are jeans passes involved!)