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If you’re familiar with the feeling of being watched by someone in a car on several occasions and almost at the same time of the day, at your house and even in places where you usually go, then chances are you are being spied on, being followed to be taken against your will, or worse, hurt and killed.

If by a moment of bravery or just by chance, you approached that car from behind and wrote down that car’s plate number, don’t waste time and find out who is that person following you around in a vehicle. A license plate tracing could potentially save you and your loves ones from becoming victims of a crime. This kind of reverse license plate lookup could save your life and your family’s lives as well.

But before you try and search for someone’s information, you should always remember that there are laws on privacy, and you shouldn’t break them while being vigilant about you and your family’s security. Since different places have different laws, it’s up to you to research these laws to do your search for the unknown license plate’s owner within lawful boundaries.

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Now that you set, here are the options on how to trace a license plate:

1. Going to the Police - The logical step is for you to report the potential crime to the Police. You should immediately make all the details of the incident known to the Police officers that will be at your house or at the place where you experienced the incident.

These officers will take all the information you gave, including the details of the unknown plate number. The Police and other law enforcement agencies have exclusive access to several databases to help you find the owner of the unknown plate number. They could determine other information aside from the name, including the address, criminal history (if any), concealed weapons permit, and other details that are simply impossible for you to know if you haven’t made a report to the police. Another good thing about the Police tracing the license plate for you is that, if they found out that the owner is also a fugitive from the law, they could immediately give you the security to avert any danger to you and your family.

2. Hiring Private Investigators - If, for some reason, you don’t want the police to be involved in your situation with the unknown license plate, choosing the services of a Private Investigator is a good option. Although Private Investigators have no direct access to Police resources, they usually have contacts within the law enforcement community that could give them tips and information to help them how to trace a license plate. Also, these Private Investigators are usually former law enforcement officers as well. Thus, it has the necessary skills to help you within tracing the unknown license plate. This option is usually available for a fee.

3. Using Third-Party Websites - If you’re planning to trace the license plate on your own, you can avail of online services that offer precisely that. These sites offer considerable expertise to help you find out the information you want that can help you with your reverse license plate lookup. Third-Party Websites operate, and usually, their services are yours if you are willing to pay.

4. Asking for the public’s help - In high profile cases, the public is usually tapped by the victim of crimes to aid them in search of the suspect. This cry for help is made with the assistance of the media, either print, broadcast, or television, and often after the crime has been committed. Social media networks are now prevalent and could be a source of information to help prevent and solve crimes. If you decide to ask for the public’s help in tracing an unknown license plate, be mindful of the risks involved, not to mention, there are laws that you might violate in doing so.

Now that you are guided with options on how to trace a license plate, it’s your call on what to choose. Remember to make the best choice for what the situation demands and always make your safety your priority.