Space Travel

We will be going into the past, future and present of space


John F. Kennedy announced in the political announcements that he wanted at least one man on the moon before the end of the decade.


Two years before the end of the decade two men named Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldron were the first two to land on the moon with the Eagle(a space craft). These famous words are quoted from Neil,"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."


3 years after the first moon man landing with Neil and Buzz, the 37th president Richard Nixon officially launched the new improved space shuttle system.


The space shuttle enterprise made it's first trip on the back of a modelfied 7-47.

Space shuttles-Past, Present and Future

Past: Early space shuttles were protected by layers of heat resistance materials. The problem though was that the coating slowly burned away because it wasn't very strong. The challenge also was they need to insulate the orbiter. It ran off of oil and liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen.

Present: These days space shuttles are made up of heat resistance ceramic tiles and aluminum and a little bit of solar panels. The space shuttle is also a truck because it caries cargo and satellites. It runs on liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen and a little bit of solar.

Future: In the future it's known that the space shuttles will be made out of iron, aluminum, ceramic tiles and solar panels making solar panels 50% of the space shuttle while today it's only about 25%. It will run mostly on solar energy, oil, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen and some type of gas.

Space Shuttle System Parts

It has 3 parts: 1 orbiter, 1 external fuel tank and 2 solid rocket boosters.


The first deck is the nose of the orbiter-it contained the crew cabin and windows.

The mid deck-has more seats, equipment, lockers, food, beds and toilets.

An air lock separates the mid deck and the payload.

The payload holds experiments and satellites.

To Acheive

To achieve orbit the space shuttle has to travel 17,500 miles per hour-26x faster the speed of sound.