Team Hill Spring Break Edition

DFES Title One, March 26, 2015

We have almost reached Oregon City!

What a wild week of westward travel we've experienced! We began our journey Monday from Independence, Missouri, crossed the Platte River and the Great Plains and made it over the Rocky Mountains! We encountered a pioneer with cholera as well as negotiated our way through a sticky situation with the Shoshone Native Americans (several of our pioneers were clever enough to think of some quick trades to make). We've learned that pioneers had to make some pretty tough decisions while traveling west. Tomorrow is our last leg of the journey and we are anxious to get off of the wagon train and set up our pioneer cabin! In celebration of our safe arrival to the west, students may wear pioneer gear if they'd like:)

VIP folders

VIP folders are still sitting in mailboxes! We were in such a hurry to get packed up today that most of them got left behind in our haste. Papers will come home tomorrow:)

A few dates to remember...

Social Studies Westward Expansion test tomorrow, March 27th.

Spring Break: March 28- April 6

Math Ch. 9 Test April 11 (adding, subtracting mixed numbers/multiplying whole number by a fraction) Take advantage of Chapter 9, prodigy, front row or ten marks over break.

Tag of Honor for 3rd quarter- April 10

Saluda Shoals Experience- May 12 (Tuesday)