George Lucas

The Creator of Star Wars

Why I Selected George Lucas

I choose George Lucas because he was a successful movie producer and film maker. He was an entrepreneur of Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic. George Lucas has traits of a leader such as Responsibility, Determination, and just the motivation to keep going on after a bad car wreck as a teenager. George Lucas was a proactive producer making films that were top on the charts such as star wars and Indiana Jones. George Lucas doesn't fall into peer pressure because he makes his own movies how he wanted too.


George Lucas Won best director of star wars in 1978, also best writing of star wars, Cinema Vanguard award, Cinematic imagery award, Britannia award, Daytime Emmy, Hochi film award, Hollywood film award, etc..

Universal Values of George Lucas

George Lucas Values are Responsibility, Determination, Honesty, The Drive of Success, Etc


George Lucas is a good mentor or character for young adults because he is a successful movie producer who is successful and is a somebody who never gave up. People look on him for success and you can accomplish your goal if you don't give up and have the will to do so
George Lucas On How STAR WARS Got Made