Changing Careers

Brittany Masterson

Beginning The New Journey

  • List some of the skills you have yourself and some of the skills you had at your past career.
  • Gain some experience for your new career like working overtime or working on days that you're not supposed to work so that you can have more experience with your new job, do whatever it takes to gain experience with your new job so that you know what you are doing.
  • Have enthusiasm at your new career because having enthusiasm gives you bigger chances for a better position in that career.

Making The Change

  • Train for your new career and make sure you had the right education to do that career.
  • There will be times throughout your new job where there will be a few difficult steps so find a mentor that will be there to back you up

Developing A Plan

  • Make a list of your likes and dislikes from the past career you had.
  • Do some networking and set up things to give people job offers and set up informational interviews about what you're doing.

Considering A Change

  • Research new career options.
  • Be flexible when you are searching for a new career as in setting goals for yourself and don't put yourself down.
  • Be confident in yourself when trying to find a new career and when you get a new career.
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